The Future of Work
Will the professional world snap back to the way things were before? Or are the ways we work and the places we work forever changed? Find out at The Future of Work!
  • 8:00 AM
    The Future of Work
    In this session, we'll explore how the nature of work is changing. In the future, what work will humans do? How will we do it? And where will it take place?... View More
    Sarah McConnell
    Game Developer, Superball
    Steve Baker
    Director of Sales, The Source
    Designing Talent Management Systems In a Digital World
    As we move more and more into a digital world we the skills necessary for workers changes. This panel will look at what talents managers should be looking for.
    Sarah Foster
    VP of Operations, The FQ
    Laura Avery
    Senior Manager, Demand Generation, Globex
  • 9:00 AM
    Panel: Is WFH Here To Stay?
    In this session, we'll explore the data driving companies' decisions to keep WFH as a permanent workforce solution
    Darren Wilson
    VP Sales, Initech
    Maria Tracey
    Senior Manager, Human Resources,
    CEO Panel: Value Creation in a Remote World
    Deborah Finn the CEO of Dynamix will give an analysis of how value creation has changed in a remote world.
    Deborah Finn
    CEO, Dynamix
    Amy Sanders
    Manager, Marketing Operations, MB
  • 10:00:00 AM
    Panel: Designing The Office of the Future
    In this session, we'll explore various predictions for how offices, and workspaces will be designed to empower the workforce of the future."
    Don Harper
    Senior Director of Marketing Analytics, Dunder Mifflin
    Ryan Wilson
    Director of Engineering, Ent720
    Cubicles Don't Work: How Architecture Affects Your Brain
    In this session we will examine the issues that plague the psychology of workers stuck in cubicles.
    Holly Harris
    Manager, FP&M, Oceanic Airlines
    Thomas Orr
    VP, Human Resources, Polycon
  • 11:00:00 AM
    Panel: Leading Teams Team in a Virtual World
    In the panel we will delve into the best ways to lead people even when you are unable to actually meet in person.
    Mason McBride
    Senior Manager, Operations, Prestige Worldwide
    Kerry Donnelly
    Associate Director, Business Intelligence, Tyrell Corp
    Keynote: How The Best Companies Operate Locally and Globally
    In this session we will delve into how companies are able to make an impact both in their local and a global market.
    Max Irvine
    Chief Financial Officer, Rand Enterprises
    John Conway
    SVP Business Operations, Sterling Cooper
  • 12:00:00 PM
    Keynote: Building The High Performing Teams of the Future
    Join us as we look into what exactly you should be looking for in your teams going into the future.
    Ella Avery
    VP Marketing, Oscorp
    Olivia Baker
    Director of Sales, Omni Products
    The Power of Conflict in the Workplace
    In this session we will examine what impact conflicts in the workplace will have on employees moral and productivity.
    Steve McKenna
    Account Executive, Rekall
    Chloe Hussein
    Marketing Director, Pied Piper
  • 1:00:00 PM
    Panel: Designing WFH Organizations
    Join us as we delve into how to design an organization based around working from home.
    Mia Burke
    VP of Operations, Blue Cat Media
    Sofia Daly
    Senior Manager, Demand Generation, Bailey Building & Loan
    Panel: How Technology Will Change Our Buildings
    As technology become an ever more prevalent part of every aspect of our lives join us in a look at how it will even effect the buildings we work in.
    John Carr
    VP Marketing, Aviato
    Steve Thornton
    Director of Sales, Aperture Science
  • 2:00:00 PM
    Panel: How Will The Future Of Work Impact Real Estate?
    As the way we conduct our work is in the processes of a major change join us in a look on how that will effect real estate.
    Bobby Hall
    Manager, Content Marketing, Macmillan Toys
    Ava Holland
    VP Marketing, Prelaxicab
    Keynote: Designing Collaboration for the Future of Work
    In this session we will look at ways to design Collaboration for the Future of Work.
    Jim Pollack
    VP of Operations, Black Mesa
    Harper Avery
    Senior Manager, Demand Generation, InGen
  • 3:00:00 PM
    Keynote: How Netflix Drives Performance of a Global Team
    In this session we give an analyze of the way Netflix drives the performance of a global team.
    Steve Baker
    Director of Sales, The Source
    Ava Holland
    VP Marketing, Prelaxicab
    Keynote: 3 Myths About the Future of Work (Any Why They're Not True)
    Join us as we examine 3 commonly believed myths about the future of work and prove why they are not going to happen.
    Emily Moore
    Director of Sales, Not Hotdog
    Laura Avery
    Senior Manager, Demand Generation, Globex