Daily Study Group: Introduction to Differential Equations
About This Study Group
Differential equations are widely used for solving problems in natural science, engineering, economics and other fields. In this study group, you will follow the Wolfram U course "Introduction to Differential Equations" and learn about methods for solving differential equations along with their applications to real-world problems.

A Wolfram certified instructor guides each session by sharing short lessons, polling the group to review key concepts, introducing practice problems and answering questions. A certificate of program completion will be awarded to participants who attend online sessions and pass quizzes. Additional certifications are available to those who go on to complete related Wolfram U interactive courses.

Study Group sessions run daily, Monday through Friday. This Study Group begins Monday, November 29, 2021.
This Study Group Has 15 Sections
  • Monday, November 29, 11am–noon US CST (5–6pm GMT)
    What Is a Differential Equation? Direction Fields, Solutions to Differential Equations
  • Tuesday, November 30, 11am–noon US CST (5–6pm GMT)
    Classification of Differential Equations, Linear First-Order Equations
  • Wednesday, December 1, 11am–noon US CST (5–6pm GMT)
    Separable Equations, Exact Equations
  • Thursday, December 2, 11am–noon US CST (5–6pm GMT)
    Picard's Theorem, Second-Order Equations
  • Friday, December 3, 10:30am–noon US CST (4:30–6pm GMT)
    Week 1 Review, Linear Second-Order Homogeneous Equations, Complex Characteristic Roots
  • Monday, December 6, 11am–noon US CST (5–6pm GMT)
    Repeated Characteristic Roots, Method of Undetermined Coefficients
  • Tuesday, December 7, 11am–noon US CST (5–6pm GMT)
    Variation of Parameters, Mechanical Oscillations
  • Wednesday, December 8, 11am–noon US CST (5–6pm GMT)
    Power Series, Series Solutions near an Ordinary Point
  • Thursday, December 9, 11am–noon US CST (5–6pm GMT)
    Euler Equations, Series Solutions near a Singular Point
  • Friday, December 10, 10:30am–noon US CST (4:30–6pm GMT)
    Week 2 Review, Special Functions, Laplace Transform
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  • Monday, December 13, 11am–noon US CST (5–6pm GMT)
    Transforming Initial Value Problems, Step Functions
  • Tuesday, December 14, 11am–noon US CST (5–6pm GMT)
    Discontinuous Forcing Functions, Impulse Function
  • Wednesday, December 15, 11am–noon US CST (5–6pm GMT)
    Convolution Theorem, Review of Matrices
  • Thursday, December 16, 11am–noon US CST (5–6pm GMT)
    Systems of Linear Algebraic Equations, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
  • Friday, December 17, 10:30am–noon US CST (4:30–6pm GMT)
    Series Review, Homogeneous Linear Systems, Nonhomogeneous Linear Systems
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