CyberSocialCon 2022

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Sessions in this Conference
  • Blend in, Don’t Disappear: Attribution and Anonymity in Online Investigations
    Jeff Phillips, Authentic8
  • The Digital Data & Social Media of Digital Gaming
    Amber Schroader, Paraben Corporation
  • Capture Evidence Transmitted & Received by Mobile and Web Applications
    Matt Danner, Monolith Forensics
  • I Had the Timeline of My Life
    Dave Ryberg & Sam Blackburn, Truxton Forensics
  • There's an Easier Way to do eDiscovery
    Chris Rogers, Vound Software
  • Fast-track On-scene Investigations with Detego’s Patented Technology
    CJ Hamidi & Mike Bates, Detego Global
  • Bootloaders, Exploits and TEE’s. A Dive intoToday’s Challenges in Mobile Forensics
    Martin Westman, MSAB
  • Dark Web Investigations
    Keven Hendricks, Ubivis Project
  • Managing the Influx of Investigative Work
    Nolan Tracy, Teel Technologies
  • Working with Open Source and Premium Forensic Tools
    Justin Tolman, Exterro
  • Using OSINT for Situational Awareness
    Mike Raggo & Chet Hosmer, SilentSignals

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