Clearing Homeschool Hurdles and Crossing the Finish Line


You’ve nearly reached the finish line of the 2020-2021 school year as a homeschooler. You truly deserve a medal for bravery and resourcefulness. 

It’s been a lot like hurdling: the sport of jumping over obstacles in a sprint. Unlike racing on a track where the hurdles are set at precise heights and distances, your school year hurdles were unpredictable, and you may have knocked over a few as you ran the race.

The best news on the horizon (besides a much deserved summer break) is that homeschooling will be exponentially easier in 2021-2022. Yes! It’s true! A lot of what made homeschooling so difficult this year was due to the pandemic. As the effects of Covid-19 lessen, homeschooling can blossom into the rewarding experience it is meant to be. 

Helping You Jump the Hurdles

To help you make this transition from pandemic-homeschooler into a full-fledged, long term homeschooler, we’ve assembled a panel of experts to bring you the tools you need. 

In five sessions, these speakers will address the top pain points you’ve shared with us this year:

  • overcoming isolation and providing socialization experiences
  • resolving the parenting battles such as motivating kids to do their school work
  • juggling work and schooling and other challenges of time management as you wear all.the.hats at home.

Will You Enter the Race Again?

The question of next year looms: Will you continue to homeschool? Will next year be easier or simply a continuation of the same struggles? 

This free, one-day event can help you decide. You’ll take inventory of last year and compare it to the potential of the coming school year. Next year you’ll have the advantage of a year of experience under your belt and far fewer Covid limitations.

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  • Expert Advice To Finish Strong
    What To Do When You Feel Behind
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