*CBA LIVE 2020
Join us for a live virtual experience September 29 - October 1
  • 12:00PM - 12:55PM
    General Session: Leading for Tomorrow
    Join CBA’s Board Leadership – Nitin Mhatre with Webster, Christine Channels with Bank of America and Michelle Lee with Wells Fargo – to discuss what it takes to lead their banks and the industry during a pandemic. In the last few months alone, they have navigated a pandemic, emergency relief programs and had to make the tough calls on when and how to begin reopening. This was all done while continuing their focus on improving customers’ financial futures and making a renewed commitment to promoting equality. We will also hear from our committee leaders about what to expect during more than 100 hours of programming.

    Nitin Mhatre, Executive Vice President, Head of Community Banking and Marketing, Webster Bank, N.A.
    Christine Channels, Head of Community Banking & Client Protection, Bank of America Corporation
    Michelle Lee, President, Community Banking Eastern Region, Wells Fargo and Company, Inc.
    Richard Hunt, President & CEO, Consumer Bankers Association
  • 1:00PM - 1:55PM
    Auto Finance: Developing Economic Trends in Auto Financing
    The recession is upon is. The biggest question many auto lenders now face is for how long? Hear from a leading economist on the real effects of this... View More
    CFPB Forum: CFPB Now & Coming Next: Supervision, Enforcement & Fair Lending
    CFPB Now & Coming Next: Supervision, Enforcement & Fair Lending
    Following a controversial start, Director Kathy Kraninger has settled into her role at the... View More
    CRA: COVID-19: Regulatory Expectations in CRA
    Join regulators from the FDIC, FRB, and OCC to gain their perspective on the programs CRA officers have developed to help those effected by COVID-19. This... View More
    Default Management - Diving Into the Data
    Lenders and services providers want to better understand the potential impact of today’s dynamic environment on their portfolios and model strategies. In... View More
    Deposits: Economic Outlook
    As we head into 2020 retail deposit gathering faces several forces that could both significantly weaken and strengthen the economics of the business. While... View More
    Digital Channels: Examining COVID-19 Effect on Digital Banking and Customer Experience
    As restaurants moved to carryout only and employees started to work from home, it became readily apparent COVID-19 changed the way business would be done.... View More
    Fair & Responsible Banking: Third-Party Risk in Servicing
    In response to heightened regulatory concern about fair servicing, retail banks must carefully assess and manage third-parties and servicing risk to maintain... View More
    Home Equity: Technology and Home Equity in a COVID World
    Purchasing a home equity line/loan has changed significantly in the last six months with technology front and center. In this session, you will learn:
    * How... View More
    Internal Audit: The Future Focus of Internal Audit
    During 2020, internal audit teams have helped their institutions navigate crisis management, issue management, short-term risk management and long term risk... View More
    Risk & Fraud Management: Fraud v. Frictionless: Client Authentication- Are We Getting the Balance Right?
    Banks are constantly debating how much friction to incorporate into the customer experience. Banks have the responsibility to keep their client’s personal... View More
    Small Business: COVID-19 Pandemic Response in Small Business Banking
    Small Businesses were hit hard as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bank across the country banded together to serve and provide for their customers. Join... View More
    Student Lending: "Closed Door" Session on Student Lending Legislation
    Join senior Congressional staff from the House Education and Labor Committee and Senate HELP Committee to hear about the discussions taking place when... View More
    Talent Management: The Innovation Imperative: Driving a Culture of Innovation”
    Getting the technology component of the equation right is essential; however, creating the culture of innovation is much more difficult but ultimately what... View More
  • 2:00PM-2:55PM
    Auto Finance: More than Meets the Eye: The Digital Transformation of Auto Lending
    Social distancing has pushed digital retailing into the lives of millions of Americans looking to purchase a car. Many wonder how digital retailing functions... View More
    CFPB Forum: CFPB Now & Coming Next: Roundtable
    What happens when you gather five former CFPB regulators for a discussion about SEFL, policy issues and who could be the next leader of the Bureau come... View More
    CRA: The CRA Impact from COVID-19
    In times of crisis, CRA practitioners and banks go above and beyond to help customers and communities. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, CRA... View More
    Default Management: Balanced Recovery: Driving Results for Consumers in an Evolving World
    With the constant change in collection and regulatory landscape, collecting from customers continues to challenge a creditor’s ability to maximize recoveries... View More
    Deposits: Everything You Want to Know but Are Afraid to Ask - No More!
    How many times have you gone to a conference and not found answers to your specific questions? Problem solved! At CBA LIVE 2020, the Deposit & Payments... View More
    Digital Channels: Debriefing on COVID-19 and Digital
    Panelists will opine on all things digital banking and how the pandemic has changed both the relationship between the customer and the bank, and the employee... View More
    Fair & Responsible Banking: Fair Banking & the Social Justice Paradigm
    This session will explore Fair Banking’s place in our current environment - from why it needs a seat at the table as our nation fights for social justice to... View More
    Fraud Management: COVID-19, Cybercrime & Capitol Hill
    The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for one of the most rapid digital shifts ever and poses a unique opportunity for scammers. Not only have branch... View More
    Home Equity: Home Equity Risk Interactive Discussion
    Engage with industry experts and peers about home equity risk. Led by CBA's home equity risk subcommittee, this interactive session will provide attendees an... View More
    Internal Audit: Embracing the New Normal: Internal Audit’s Operational Response to COVID-19
    The COVID-19 crisis forced both the business and internal audit teams to quickly adapt and respond to new and emerging risks. Hear from internal audit... View More
    Risk: All Aboard! Why Hopping on the Digital Train is No Longer Preferred, but Required
    Join Jason Castillo, EVP Head of Fraud at Citizens Bank and Bruce Nixon, President of Innovis, as they host a roundtable discussion on transforming to... View More
    Small Business: Recent Trends in Small Business Lending
    Join this session to understand recent trends in small business lending and the role of SBFE in the small business lending ecosystem.

    Mike... View More
    Student Lending: Who Needs Certainty? Litigation Risk in the COVID World
    Who needs certainty? Everyone, but in the absence of legal experts will review the major legal issues currently driving litigation activity at all levels... View More
    Talent Management: Leading a Diverse Organization
    It’s imperative banks strategically approach diversity and inclusion strategies. Meaningful change to company culture can create a more powerful and... View More
  • 3:00PM-3:55PM
    Sponsor Sync-Up Bridgeforce: The Digital Imperative for Default
    COVID19 shined a bright light on the difference between using digital channels and facilitating digital relationships. Regardless of where your digital... View More
    Sponsor Sync-Up Experian: 2020 – The Catalyst for a Faster, More Integrated Technology Transformation
    The 2020 COVID-19 healthcare and economic crisis represents an inflection point in both consumer behaviors and the financial services market alike. Digital... View More
    Sponsor Sync-Up Equifax: Lender Confidence in a Time of Uncertainty
    Discussion on how COVID-19 has brought the power of alternative data into even sharper focus as we navigate this new financial “normal”. Making credit... View More
    Sponsor Sync-Up FICO: Digital Banking Stress Test: What We’ve Learned in the Last Eight Months
    Through the lockdowns, working from home, and virtual learning, millions of American families have had to adapt to the new realities imposed on us by... View More
    Sponsor Sync-Up Fiserv: Credit Insights from Fiserv: How 2020 Taught Us to Refresh and Refocus
    This unprecedented year has challenged the card industry to be nimble, presenting new opportunities to reevaluate portfolios and get creative with credit.... View More
    Sponsor Sync-Up Kiran: Hope Is Not a Strategy - Understanding Your Branch Network's Value Proposition
    The branch channel has been significantly impacted by changes that include branch closures, re-openings, changes in open hours, and customer’s increased... View More
    Sponsor Sync-Up Novantas: How to Find the Best Deposit Customers When Rates are Low
    The low-rate environment means that it is harder than ever to attract good customers, so this is the perfect time for banks to pursue quality over quantity.... View More
    Sponsor Sync-Up NCR: Out with the New, In with the Normal
    Join this panel to hear how four industry leaders from NCR, NACHA, Synovus and Zions Bank how they are transforming their institutions for today’s normal and... View More
    Sponsor Sync-Up Visa: Going Digital? Consumer Spending and the Latest Trends in Payments
    With COVID-19 changing the way consumers are spending with more through digital channels, financial institutions and businesses are all making adjustments to... View More
  • 10:30AM-11:30AM
    Women's Leadership Coffee and Roundtable
    Hosted by KPMG, kick off your morning of CBA LIVE with this outstanding panel discussion among industry leaders to discuss women’s leadership styles and the impact on decision-making skills and career advancement.
    In this session you will learn:
    * The types of leadership styles and each style's potential impact on achieving success;
    * How a workplace culture can influence leadership styles; and
    * Success stories and examples from our leaders, and how their styles have influenced their career advancement.

    Cassandra McKinney, Executive Vice President, Executive Director of Retail Bank, Comerica Incorporated
    Lisa Rawls, Principal, Advisory GRC Technology, KPMG
    Teresa Blake, Managing Director, Advisory Business Operations, KPMG
    Cynthia Izzo, Principal Advisory Technology Risk Management, KPMG
  • 12:00PM-12:55PM
    General Session: Kelly King: Under the Microscope
    He may have more than four decades in the industry, but Kelly King is not resting on his laurels. Navigating the groundbreaking BB&T / SunTrust merger to create Truist, the nation’s sixth largest bank, all eyes are on him as he leads during our “new normal.” Learn from him about leadership, the future of M&A and how banks will have to adapt in order to face the new landscape.

    Kelly King, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Truist Financial Corporation

    Tem Wooldridge Award
    High integrity, a strong work ethic and outstanding academic performance are the hallmarks of the CBA Executive Banking School's top student. Named for a retired faculty member, the Tem Wooldridge recipient possesses the necessary character and leadership skills to bring out the best in their teammates. CBA is proud to recognize TD Bank’s Angela Conti, Class of 2019, and M&T Bank’s Julie Carey, Class of 2020, for their superior performance and academic achievements. Angela and Julie were selected by the CBA Executive Banking School faculty with input from their fellow senior class peers.

    Developing Diverse Talent to Lead the Bank
    More must be done to create diversity in the C-Suite and many CBA member banks have already made commitments to foster this diversity of talent. Join CBA Board Members Cassandra McKinney of Comerica and Quincy Miller of Eastern Bank for an unvarnished discussion about intentional hiring, development and availability of opportunities to cultivate a diverse bench of qualified candidates at every level of the bank.

    Cassandra McKinney, Executive Vice President, Executive Director of Retail Bank, Comerica Inc.,
    Quincy MIller, Vice Chairman & President, Eastern Bank
    Richard Hunt (Mod), President & CEO, Consumer Bankers Association
  • 1:00PM - 1:55PM
    CFPB Forum: A Conversation with CFPB Consumer Response
    From its recent adoption of geospatial mapping tools to an unprecedented spike in complaints amidst the COVID pandemic, the CFPB’s Office of Consumer... View More
    CRA: Community Reinvestment
    CRA Modernization and the OCC Final Rule
    The OCC issued their final rule on CRA modernization and implementation banks must be prepared to operate with the... View More
    Default Management: Friend or Foe? Working with Debt Settlement Agencies
    Relationships between banks and debt settlement agencies can be terse to say the least. As a major player in the life of many debts, this session will... View More
    Deposits & Digital Channels: Demystifying AI: What is It & How Will It Impact the Future?
    Exploding volumes of data and increasing consumer expectations and digital readiness have moved artificial intelligence (AI) from what was once theoretical... View More
    Fair & Responsible Banking: Improving Access to Banking for Customers with Limited English Proficiency
    LEP customers pose unique opportunities and challenges for banks seeking to improve customer service and access to the traditional banking system. This... View More
    Home Equity: Checking the Pulse: Home Equity Leading Trends & Insights
    Informa will share their latest data on home equity lines and loans. National and regional level market analysis will be presented.
    In this session, you... View More
    Internal Audit: CARES Act Auditing- What Every Internal Auditor Needs to Know
    The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act provided $2.2 trillion of financial stimulus and aid to individuals, businesses, nonprofit entities,... View More
    Auto Finance, Risk & Fraud Management: Credit Risk During COVID-What’s Happening Now
    The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the strength of the banking system, but it has also presented a novel credit risk scenario. Bankers are constantly... View More
    Small Business: Small Business & Regulation: How Fair Lending has Evolved & Where Are We Heading?
    The small business customer experience continues to evolve into a multiple channel delivery. This session will focus on how to align the omni-channel... View More
    Student Lending: Higher Education Act & Senate Update
    Deliberations and conversations about the Higher Education Act reauthorization are happening within the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP)... View More
    Talent Management: Keeping Your Workforce Relevant in Times of Rapid Technological Advancement
    Business models today are changing more rapidly and frequently than at any point in the past due to digital technologies, machine learning and AI. The impact... View More
  • 2:00PM-2:55PM
    Auto Finance, Default Management & Risk: Regulator Panel: Recession Response
    Banks and regulators need to work together to mitigate both new and recurring risks now that the recession is here. Responses from both will need to evolve... View More
    CFPB Forum: Say What? Exploring Voice-to-Text Technology in Complaint Programs
    The use of consumer complaint data by regulators continues to evolve and so must bank complaint management programs. Increasingly, institutions are adopting... View More
    CRA: The Changing Nature of Branches
    With anticipated increased branch closures nationwide, continued service to communities is a crucial aspect of CRA compliance. As banks look to continue to... View More
    Deposits & Fraud Management: Balancing Fraud Prevention & the Customer Experience
    With the right platform and security partners, banks can both mitigate fraud and deliver frictionless customer experiences. Join our panel of experts to... View More
    Digital Channels: Understanding the Story Behind the Data
    Where you go and what you do online leaves a trail of our likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams. A savvy company can cull this insight to garner your interests... View More
    Fair and Responsible Banking: LEP Roundtable/Financial Inclusion: Fireside Chat with the CFPB
    LEP Roundtable
    Following the session “Improving Access to Banking for Customers with Limited English Proficiency,” join the panelists for an interactive... View More
    Home Equity Underwriting/Fulfillment Interactive Discussion
    Engage with industry experts and peers about home equity underwriting & fulfillment. Led by CBA's home equity underwriting and fulfillment subcommittee, this... View More
    Internal Audit: PPP From the Auditors’ Point of View
    Lenders have faced myriad challenges rolling out and then managing constant changes to the SBA's Paycheck Protection Program. For internal auditors, these... View More
    Small Business: Leveraging Online Origination to Enable Growth on Both Sides of the Small Business Balance Sheet
    Small businesses are demonstrating not only a willingness to use the online channel to originate new accounts but a growing preference for the convenience... View More
    Student Lending: CFPB & Students
    The CFPB Student Loan Ombudsman, the Section Chief for Students and Young Consumers and a leading student loan market researcher will discuss their response... View More
    Talent Management: Strengthening Resilience
    This session will focus on the latest proven theories, research and concepts surrounding Strengthening Resilience.
    In this session, you will learn:
    -... View More
  • 3:00PM-3:55PM
    Sponsor Sync- Up CGI: How are COVID-19 and Technology Advances Driving the Future of Banking?
    Unprecedented challenges and opportunities face all industries as they navigate through the global pandemic and steer towards the uncertain future ahead.... View More
    Sponsor Sync-Up Genpact: Turning Crisis into Opportunity for Consumer Banking
    Join NelsonHall’s banking research director Andy Efstathiou, TD Bank’s Karen Buck, executive vice president of commercial, retail and payment operations... View More
    Sponsor Sync- Up LiveVox: Digital Banking Transformation: Delivering Next Level CX in Today’s New Environment
    he COVID-19 outbreak encouraged a push toward SMS and digital channels, playing a significant role in reshaping workflows for newly remote teams. As many... View More
    Sponsor Sync-Up Mastercard: The Mastercard Bill Pay Exchange; Bringing Transparency, Consistency and Simplicity to an Area Ready for Innovation
    The need for digitization is rising, especially in a post COVID-19 world. Consumers are increasingly demanding more from their payment and banking... View More
    Sponsor Sync-Up nCino: The Future of Consumer Banking in a Digital Age
    Join experts from nCino and discuss how COVID is impacting the future of the branch and the revolution taking place across digital banking. This question and... View More
    Sponsor Sync- Up Nomis: Why Deposit Pricing Matters When Deposit Pricing Doesn’t Matter
    The financial industry is overwhelmed with deposits, so why should anyone be talking about deposit pricing now? Simply put, building better pricing... View More
    Aysha Hoque
    Sponsor Sync-Up Promontory: Mortgage and Consumer Lending Default Management Readiness
    The uncertainty of mortgage forbearance and related COVID-19 programs are likely to cause bank operational strain. Ultimately, these government support... View More
    Sponsor Sync-Up Salesforce: How Banks Can Alleviate Financial Stress for Families and Businesses
    Within a few short months our entire world has been upended. Unlike the last financial crisis where Banks were struggling to maintain liquidity, today's... View More
    Sponsor Sync- Up Upstart: Win Now with AI-powered Models - What’s Stopping You?
    With COVID-19 exposing the limitations of traditional consumer lending models and the need for greater online lending experiences, you can see that... View More
    Sponsor Sync-Up VantageScore: Consumer Credit Today and Tomorrow
    Dr. Emre Sahingur, senior vice president of predictive analytics, research and product development,
    will share the latest trends and insights on consumer... View More
  • 12:00PM - 12:55PM
    General Session: OCC Roadmap: A Q&A with the Comptroller
    CBA Board Chair Christine Channels, Head of Community Banking & Client Protection, Bank of America, kicks off the third day of CBA LIVE with remarks about CBA’s mission, the industry and the year ahead.

    His title might be “acting” but Brian Brooks has hit the ground running and pushing an active agenda at the OCC. Joint CBA President and CEO Richard Hunt for a fastpaced conversation with Acting Comptroller of the Currency Brian Brooks as he lays out his roadmap for the agency – from fintechs to finalizing CRA, changes that set him up to be potentially one of the most transformative Comptrollers in recent history.

    Brian Brooks, Acting Comptroller of the Currency, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
    (Moderator) Richard Hunt, Richard Hunt, Consumer Bankers Association

    Trump vs. Biden: What Will Washington Look Like After November
    What will Washington look like in the new year? What will the current regulators focus on in second Trump term? Who would a President Biden tap to fill key regulatory posts? Will there be a shift in Congressional power? The 2020 elections could have a profound impact on the industry and policy analysts Stacey Alexander of Subject Matter and Jaret Seiberg of Cowen will give you a sneak peak.

    Joe Belew Award
    In keeping with the theme of CBA LIVE 2020 and its promise of “something more,” this year’s Joe Belew award honors the CBA member bank with the most innovative and impactful community development program. Named for CBA’s former President who was deeply committed to community development, the award recognizes the efforts of member banks whose innovative solutions address pressing social issues.

    Stacey Alexander, Government Relations, Subject Matter
    Jaret Seiberg, Managing Director, Financial Services and Housing Policy Analyst, Cowen Washington Research Group
    Brian Brooks, Acting Comptroller of the Currency, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
    (Moderator) Richard Hunt, Richard Hunt, Consumer Bankers Association

  • 1:00PM-2:55PM
    Auto Finance: The Dealership of Tomorrow 2.0
    America's franchised new-car dealers are at present navigating a period of uncertainty, trying to make sense of evolving customer requirements as well as... View More
  • 1:00PM - 1:55PM
    CRA: Thinking Outside the Box on Community Development
    With many banks competing in CRA "hot spots", new and innovative programs can help maximize CRA activity. However, uncertainty about these programs can... View More
    CFPB & Default Management Forums: Top Priorities: The Bureau's Focus on Default Management
    Through enforcement, supervision, and rulemaking, the Bureau has been extremely active in all things debt collection. With revisions to the FDCPA, a flurry... View More
    Deposits & Digital Channels: Open Banking
    The cost of information sharing and transacting is causing a decomposition of traditional banking value, chains, creating a whole new set of opportunities... View More
    Fair & Responsible Banking: The Dark Side of Digital Ads: Are Consumers Online for Risk?
    Digital marketing is one of the most effective advertising platforms but managing the associated fair lending risks and redlining concerns has been an uphill... View More
    Home Equity: Preparing for Tomorrow's Economy
    What is driving the economy today? What risks could have implications for consumers and the housing market?
    In the session, you will learn:
    * What... View More
    Internal Audit: Board Matters: Audit Committee Perspectives on the Internal Audit Function
    The success of the internal audit function depends on an effective relationship between the audit committee and the internal audit department. Hear from... View More
    Risk: Creating Efficiencies: Third/Fourth Party Vendor Management
    Banks are constantly looking for vendors to expand capacity and improve efficiency for their customers. However, partnering with third, in some cases... View More
    Ricardo Serrano
    Ricardo Serrano
    Fraud Management & Small Business: Fraud in Small Business Customer Experience
    In this age of technological advancements and increases in organized crime, financial institutions find it difficult to stay ahead of fraudsters. While the... View More
    Student Lending: The Economics of Education
    Leading economic experts will offer their perspective on market indicators, emerging research, and potential concerns informing their work this year and... View More
    Talent Management: How to be an Authentic Communicator in a Virtual Space
    Being a good listener is vital to a leader's success. In today's virtual world merely showing up on camera or phone does not inherently make you an active... View More
  • 2:00 PM-2:55PM
    CFPB Forum: Navigating the Compliance Risks of Social Media
    Social media allows financial institutions to engage directly with consumers to provide information on products and services and resolve consumer issues in... View More
    CRA: Cross-Collaborating on CRA & Fair Lending Analytics
    More data, more specialization, fewer resources and more requests; now is the time to coordinate communications and analysis to create efficiency and... View More
    Default Management: Can You Hear Me Now? Developments in TCPA
    TCPA reform has been due for years, with many financial institutions holding on key technological developments until reform is complete. Industry experts... View More
    Deposits & Fraud Management: Faster Payments: A Framework for Decision Making
    Faster payments are evolving in the U.S. market. Panelists will discuss the expectations of various stakeholders share their framework for commercializing... View More
    Fair & Responsible Banking: AI & Machine Learning: Transforming the Credit Ecosystem
    Banks are increasingly investing in AI-based algorithms and machine learning models for credit underwriting, but where is it being used, or not used? At what... View More
    Home Equity: Home Equity Product Interactive Discussion
    Engage with industry experts and peers about home equity product. Led by CBA's home equity product subcommittee, this interactive session will provide... View More
    Internal Audit: Managing Expectations: Internal Audit Considerations for Telework and Return-to-Work
    After the COVID-19 seclusions and increasing numbers of employees working remotely, many are left wondering: “Will the workplace ever return to normal?” ... View More
    Small Business: The Unexpected Time Machine
    Overnight, the future arrived. The global pandemic rapidly accelerated our ability to experience the challenges when traditional distribution channels... View More
    Talent Management: The Company You Keep: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent Now to Enable Future Growth
    Join our discussion of how companies are responding to COVID19 impacts to the
    workforce, and possible re-entry, and what this says about their D&I and... View More