Building the Metaverse: A Virtual Conference for Design Engineers

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Help Build the Industrial Metaverse

If you thought the metaverse was a place where gamers’ avatars live, you’d be right. But that’s just one incarnation of the metaverse.

Another is the industrial metaverse, where high-fidelity models based on real-world physics help engineers, developers, and data scientists like you create digital twins that mimic actual systems. With digital twins at your fingertips, you can drastically reduce the time, cost, effort, and risk associated with physical prototypes and predict the future by simulating how systems respond to limitless stimuli, phenomena, and environmental scenarios.

You can then go a step further into the industrial metaverse by connecting your design with others in a system of virtual systems to discover how it performs in the context of an entire sector’s worth of domain-specific data – and more.

Register for a free, all-access pass to Building the Metaverse: A Virtual Conference for Design Engineers, the industry’s first and only event dedicated to helping technology professionals capitalize on the capabilities of the industrial metaverse. Learn how technical experts from brand names in the high-tech industry are laying the foundation for the industrial metaverse with next-generation simulation and modeling tools, advanced machine learning and AI technologies, elastic infrastructure platforms, and standards and interoperability frameworks that drive convergence in digital twins that scale from the simplest IP subsystems to virtual worlds full of devices.

Join us on December 13, 2022 as we break virtual ground on the industrial metaverse by deconstructing its fundamental concepts and then provide actionable strategies, practical solutions, and hands-on demonstrations. Choose sessions from the list below * or sign up for the entire event and help us start building the metaverse today.

*Titles and descriptions subject to change.

Sessions in this Event
  • Tuesday, December 13 · 11:00 AM EST
    Keynote for Building the Metaverse virtual conference
  • Tuesday, December 13 · Noon EST
    Industry Panel: Introduction to the Industrial Metaverse
  • Tuesday, December 13 · 1:30 PM EST
    Metaverse & Digital Twin Infrastructure: What are the Technology Building Blocks?
  • Tuesday, December 13 · 2:30 PM EST
    Keys to Developing Successful Digital Twins for the Industrial Metaverse
  • Tuesday, December 13 · 4:00 PM EST
    Keys to Establishing a Virtual World for your Industry Domain
  • Tuesday, December 13 · 5:00 PM EST
    Achieving Digital Twin Interoperability

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