The FM Quarterly Marketing Bootcamp

Wanna execute a great marketing campaign in 2021? Of course you do. Join experts Kiley Peters and Christine Bernhard for our Quarterly Marketing Bootcamp series as they show you how to find your target audience, make sure your website has a clear landing page, create an awesome content marketing strategy, and make your email work for you. Follow their tips and tricks to up your marketing game in 2021.

Take each bootcamp session for $25 or all 4 sessions in the series for only $90!
Sessions in this Bootcamp
  • Quarterly Marketing Bootcamp Session #1: Know Your Audience
    Knowing your target audience will not only streamline your marketing efforts, but also allow you to build smarter campaigns with high... View more
  • Quarterly Marketing Bootcamp #2: Building Your Online Home: The Basics of Building Your Website
    Your website is your online home. You built it on a property that you own. You decorated it to match your style and you filled it wit... View more
  • Quarterly Marketing Bootcamp Session #3: How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy
    This webinar will turn you into a content magician. Learn what a content marketing strategy is and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Quarterly Marketing Bootcamp #4: How to Build Your Email Marketing Campaign
    Email's not dead - here's how you can make it work for you.