2021 Creative Armenia Week

Join our week-long digital summit on the state of art.

Creative Armenia Week (May 17 - 21) will be an unprecedented meeting of minds, ideas, and imaginations. Join Atom Egoyan, Arsinée Khanjian, Eric Bogosian, Serj Tankian, Eric Esrailian, Angela Sarafyan, and many other cultural icons throughout this unforgettable week. Meet the speakers and check out the agenda below.
  • May 17 / 9PM EVN / 10AM PST
    How to Take the Art World by Storm
    Join our cultural icons as they discuss the path to creative success.
  • May 18 / 9PM EVN / 10AM PST
    Artists for Artsakh
    Meet the talented creators who defend our cultural frontline.
  • May 19 / 9PM EVN / 10AM PST
    Double Vision
    Discover the inspiring partnership of two Armenian masters on-screen and off.
  • May 20 / 9PM EVN / 10AM PST
    Lifting the Curtain
    Meet the new Armenian creators who are shaking up the arts scene.
  • May 21 / 9PM EVN / 10AM PST
    Breaking into Hollywood
    Hollywood's most celebrated gatekeepers offer insight and inspiration.

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