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How to Take the Art World by Storm

About This Webinar

Armenian creators are behind some of the most iconic creations across the arts. Join Eric Esrailian, Eric Bogosian, Serj Tankian, and Angela Sarafyan for an inspiring panel on the path to creative success.

Moderated by Alec Mouhibian, VP of Creative Armenia.

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Featured Presenters
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Physician, producer, entrepreneur
Dr. Eric Esrailian is a physician, Emmy-nominated film producer, and entrepreneur who is actively involved in philanthropic efforts connecting health, human rights, education, and the arts. He produced The Promise, which drew unprecedented attention to the Armenian Genocide and led to the creation of The Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA. He also produced the award-winning documentaries Intent to Destroy, I Am Not Alone, and Francesco. Esrailian is a founding advisory board member of Creative Armenia.
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Musician, activist
Serj Tankian is the Grammy Award-winning lead singer of the band System of a Down. In addition to five albums with SOAD and a range of solo albums from metal to jazz to orchestral, Tankian has been composing for films since 2015, including such titles as 1915, Intent to Destroy, Furious: The Legend of Krovat, Spitak, and I Am Not Alone. He recently produced and scored Truth to Power, which tells of his own journey into music and activism. Tankian is a founding advisory board member of Creative Armenia.
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Actor, playwright, writer
Eric Bogosian is an actor and writer who established himself as a trailblazing chronicler of the 1980s. His numerous plays include subUrbia and the Pulitzer-nominated Talk Radio, the film adaptation of which was directed by Oliver Stone and starred Bogosian. His iconic television roles include Rouben in Ararat, Captain Danny Ross in Law & Order, Lawrence Boyd in Billions, and most recently Arno in Uncut Gems. He has written several novels and a book of historical nonfiction titled Operation Nemesis. Bogosian is a founding advisory board member of Creative Armenia.
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Angela Sarafyan, born in Yerevan, Armenia moved to Hollywood, Ca. at the age 4. She was very fortunate to have parents that instilled integrity, honesty, and love. Her grandmother and parents cultivated a beautiful Armenian household filled with a lot of tradition that became a defining factor of who Angela is. Her parents were artists who encouraged Angela to pursue her dreams. From a very young age she knew what she would want to pursue in life. It was having the chance to tell stories. Soon, at the age of 5 she began playing classical piano and dancing ballet. Being on stage felt like home, where she can be fully immersed in this other world. Music became her entrance into the world of stories and ballet woke her up to the ability to speak without words. These art forms revealed to her that life is beyond what we see in the day to day, but rather a chance to live in our dreams. Yet, it wasn’t somehow enough. She found in the process of these practices that acting held her full heart. She found that she had creative license to do and say things, to have the courage to reveal character, and the responsibility that came with this. She knew that every role that came her way would affect her life indefinitely and she would the characters. Her life was colored by artists and filmmakers of the past and she knew that she had a great responsibility to live up to the standards of those who had passed on. On the stage, in front of the camera, she can be her truest form through the characters she plays. The stage, the set will always be her home. She believes that if she can somehow through her characters make an audience laugh, cry, give them a new viewpoint about life, inspire a different way of thinking, to make them feel less alone, to enlighten them, than she has done her job.
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VP, Creative Armenia
Alec Mouhibian is a writer, filmmaker, and comedian born and raised in Hollywood, California. He is the producer of the award-winning documentary I Am Not Alone and the co-writer/director of the psychological mystery 1915. He is the founding vice president of Creative Armenia.
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