IWLCA Coaches Clinic On Demand Library

The IWLCA On-Demand Coaches Clinic Library

No matter how many years you've been coaching, the great ones will always look for ways to grow their game, and the IWLCA has you covered!

Over the past three years, the IWLCA Coaches Clinic powered by Just Play has brought over 50 of the best coaches in the game together to share their knowledge, experience and insight in an effort to help others get better.

This on-demand library is your tool for generating ideas to bring back to your program. Covering a wide range of topics including X's & O's, strategy sessions and team building tips these clinics will help coaches of every level get better!


Unlimited Access Through December 31, 2023.
Sessions in this Coaches Clinic Library
  • (2022) Building Blocks for High Pressure Zone Defense
    Kate Livesay - Head Coach, Middlebury College
  • (2022) Characteristics/Traits for Positional and Team Play
    Phil Barnes - Assistant Coach, University of North Carolina
  • (2022) Establishing Healthy Competition and Evaluation of Your Program
    Missy Doherty - Head Coach, Penn State University
  • (2022) Footwork, More Like FunWork: Defensive Footwork around the 8M
    Colleen Smith - Assistant Coach, Yale University
  • (2022) Goalies Don't Get Ready, They Are Ready
    Kady Glynn - Assistant Coach, University of Richmond, Professional Lacrosse P...
  • (2022) Goalie Growth & Development: Guiding Your Keeper to Accelerated Results
    John Knowles - Assistant Coach, Roberts Wesleyan University
  • (2022) Goalie Island for Everyman: Why it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to train your goalie
    Amy Martin - Associate Head Coach, Niagara University
  • (2022) More Than The Draw
    Colleen Shearer - Assistant Coach, James Madison University
  • (2022) Play Fast/Play Slow - Splitting the Field in Half in Transition
    Pat McCabe - Head Coach, Adelphi University Frankie Caridi - Associate Head ...
  • (2022) Shooting: Deception & Vision
    Nicole Levy - Assistant Coach, University of Florida
  • (2022) Strength and Conditioning for Lacrosse Athletes
    Brittany Hartmann - Head Coach, Pacific University
  • 8 Meters: The Outsiders Perspective (2021)
    Adam Sear, Assistant Coach - University of Michigan
  • Attacking a Zone Defense (2020)
    Courtney Shute - Head Coach, Tufts University
  • Building a Culture for New Head Coaches (2020)
    Hannah Khin, Head Coach, Occidental College
  • Champions Chat (2020)
    Kate Livesay - Head Coach, Middlebury College, Pat McCabe - Head Coach, Adel...
  • Champions Chat (2021)
    Lauren Bennett - Head Coach Keiser University Jack Cribbin - Head Coach, Lin...
  • Creating, Building, and Sustaining Quality Culture (2021)
    Kelly Nangle, Head Coach - Liberty University
  • Creating Your Best Draw Team (2021)
    Kiley Anderson, Assistant Coach - University of Connecticut
  • Creative Play to Build the Complete Player (2021)
    Frank Rogers - Head Coach, St. Ambrose
  • Fed Up with Footwork: Out of the Box Drills to Improve Your Defense (2021)
    Kacie Lewis - Head Coach, University of New Hampshire
  • Feeders and Cutters: How to Get the Most Out of Your Off Ball Game (2021)
    Katherine Sweeney - Assistant Coach, Colgate University
  • Fine Tuning the 2-Man Game (2021)
    Lauren Gunning - Assistant Coach, University of Southern California
  • Foundations of a Freeplay Motion Offense (2020)
    Amanda Daniels - Head Coach, Denison College
  • Free Position Shooting: The Keys to Getting Off the Line & Sticking Your Shots! (2020)
    Megan Whittle - Team England, Assistant Coach, Stanford University
  • From the Ground Up: Building a Strong New Program Foundation (2021)
    Sara Tisdale - Head Coach, Central Michigan University
  • Game-Like Drills (2021)
    Liz Beville - Head Coach, Le Moyne College
  • Goalie 101: Meet Them Where They're At (2020)
    Taylor Paige - Assistant Coach, Shenandoah University
  • Goalkeeper Reaction Training (2020)
    Amy Altig - Head Coach, University of Delaware, Assistant Coach of Team USA
  • Goalie World: Building Athletic Goalies (2021)
    Maureen Spellman - Head Coach, Endicott College
  • Introducing a Zone Defense: It’s more than X’s & O’s (2020)
    Emily Boissonneault - Head Coach, University of Pittsburgh, Team Canada
  • Man Defense & How Attack Can Capitalize (2020)
    Lindsay Magro & Colleen McCaffrey, Assistant Coaches, University of Virginia
  • Man Down Defense (2020)
    Carly O'Connell - Assistant Coach, Army West Point
  • Man Up/Man Down Defense (2021)
    Xeni Barakos-Yoder- Head Coach, East Stroudsburg University
  • Manipulating Defenses Through Wall Ball (2020)
    Shelby Fredericks - Assistant Coach, Northwestern University
  • Maximizing Your Player Up Offense (2020)
    Ricky Fried - Head Coach, Georgetown University, Former Head Coach Team USA
  • Next Level Stickwork (2021)
    Lindsey Ronbeck - Assistant Coach, Richmond University
  • Offensive Build Up: From Skills to Systems (2021)
    Jill Batcheller - Head Coach, Villanova University
  • See the Defense: Shooting Drills to Build Awareness (2021)
    Kelyn Freedman - Assistant Coach, Georgetown University
  • Shooters Gotta Shoot (2021)
    Kerrin Mauer, Assistant Coach, Princeton University
  • Sliding Through the Fundamentals: High-rep drills for Off-Ball Principles (2020)
    Leah Gallagher - Assistant Coach, University of Albany
  • Stickwork, Angles & Finishing (2020)
    Tee LaDouceur - Assistant Coach, Dartmouth College
  • Take Pride in your Ride! (2021)
    Janine Tucker - Head Coach, Johns Hopkins University
  • The Art of Re-Dodging (2020)
    Deemer Class - Assistant Coach, University of Southern California
  • The Big 5 Metrics of Athlete Monitoring (2021)
    Dawn Easley - Head Coach, Campbell University
  • The Complete Attacker: IQ, Creativity and Skill (2020)
    Michelle Tumolo - Head Coach, Wagner University
  • The Power of the Draw Circle: Tips, Tricks & Drills to Set the Tone for your Team (2020)
    Taylor VanThof - Assistant Coach, Ohio State University
  • The Ride: Equal Opportunity Aggregate Impact (2020)
    Abi Jackson - Head Coach, Union College
  • The "Why" of What You Do (2021)
    Thuy Williams - Assistant Coach, Pacific University
  • Transition Attack – It Starts with the Clear! (2020)
    Michelle Smith - Head Coach, Babson College
  • Two-Man Game: Building A Solid Foundation (2020)
    Mike Bedford - Assistant Coach, Jacksonville University
  • Up Tempo Drills to Develop Skills (2020)
    John Sung - Head Coach, Virginia Tech
  • Zone Defense: How to Create, Implement and Adjust (2021)
    Kim Williams - Head Coach, Wesleyan University
  • Zone Offense (2021)
    Katy Dissenger - Head Coach, Trinity College
  • Just Play Solutions - Adapt to Thrive, Not Just Survive
  • Level Up Your Video - Hudl Workshop
  • The Right Pocket presented by Gait Lacrosse