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Your SAS configuration is constantly being altered - either due to frequent updates or tweaks conducted by your administrators. Management, therefore, becomes a very important aspect of ensuring that system integrity is maintained over time.

When it comes to SAS software, configuration management can apply to a diverse range of aspects, including data integration, reporting, custom built SAS applications, and the overall environment. In this webinar, we build on our previous presentation on how to use Ansible for configuration management and dive further into how you can use Ansible to optimise your environment/configuration further.
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Cameron Lawson
Services Manager
Cameron is an adaptive technical specialist and advisor with significant knowledge and experience in all phases of the information lifecycle. This includes architecture, governance, design, development, and operations. His vast knowledge and portfolio of skills span multiple disciplines including data integration, migration, quality, and information management projects across multiple technology platforms.

Cameron’s experience has seen him perform senior and leadership roles on small-scale deployments through to large multi, million-dollar enterprise programs. These situations have benefited significantly from his expertise in integrating complex disparate systems into scalable, coherent solutions that enable action on analytic insight.

Cameron has a strong Computer Science background and is fluent in multiple programming languages and design patterns allowing him to traverse across Enterprise Platforms from the client to the database.