It's time for part three of our extended webinar series on recommendation engines!

In our first webinar, we explained the basics of a recommendation system. For our second webinar, we explained how to create more complex recommendation engines for more complicated datasets.

For our third and final webinar on recommendation engines, keynote speaker Michael Esposito, will explain how to refine your engine to deliver accurate readings you can rely on for decision-making.

During this session, we will explain how to:

- Refine your systems to deliver findings more efficiently
- Ensure accuracy of machine learning algorithms
- Leverage findings to improve your business operations
  • An introduction to Selerity, Michael Esposito, and a summary of key points from previous webinars
  • Explanation on how to refine systems and leverage findings more effectively
  • Q&A session
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    Michael Esposito
    Principal Data Scientist at Analytx Pty Ltd
    Michael Esposito, presently the Principal Data Scientist at Analytx Pty Ltd, is recognised as one of the most experienced SAS analytical resources in the Australian market, having worked for SAS Australia and as a data mining and machine learning consultant for over 25 years.

    He has extensive experience providing analytical expertise to government, commercial and retail sectors in the areas of fraud detection, churn analysis, credit risk analysis, text mining, segmentation and revenue generation (marketing).

    Michael is also a certified analytics trainer for SAS and delivers a number of the Data Science and Advanced Statistics courses on behalf of SAS Australia and New Zealand.