What's your plan for being protected from ransomware? Do you have a plan? Is the plan relying on backups to protect your data? If so, you might be putting yourself at risk of losing valuable time, money, and reputation. Backups are essential, but they are not enough. In this webcast, we will explore how to prevent ransomware attacks from happening in the first place, and how to minimize the damage if they do. We will cover topics such as:

- How ransomware works and why it is so dangerous
- The role of backups in ransomware recovery and why they should be the last resort
- The benefits of proactive ransomware detection and response

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to protect your data from ransomware with a comprehensive and holistic approach. Register now and join us for this informative and interactive webcast!
Secure Ideas
CyberSecurity Company
Secure Ideas is a dedicated team of experts who are passionate about technology and information security. Our primary objectives are to help companies improve their security postures and train the next generation of security professionals.
Bill McCauley
Senior Security Consultant at Secure Ideas
Bill McCauley is a Senior Security Consultant with Secure Ideas. He is a USAF Veteran and has worked with various electronics and IT systems over the past 18 years. His background covers a wide variety of industries including DoD, Healthcare, Education, Energy, and Security. Bill has a strong interest in security, system administration, and training. His work experience includes system administration of various DoD and Healthcare systems within both Unix and Windows environments. He taught several Health IT classes for Lake Region State College. He has also spent a few years working with NERC CIP Compliance.
Eric Kuehn
Principal Security Consultant at Secure Ideas
Before coming to Secure Ideas, Eric spent close to 20 years working with Microsoft infrastructures for large Fortune 100 companies. Since its release, his core focus has been Active Directory. He was the technical leader and responsible for the engineering and architecture of one of the most complex and largest AD infrastructures used by one of the world’s largest banks. This included ongoing maintenance and major enhancements of not only a highly secure authentication environment, but also of all the supporting tool sets required to monitor its health and integrity.

This experience has given Eric a very strong knowledge of a variety of Microsoft products and best practices.
Kevin Johnson
CEO of Secure Ideas
Kevin Johnson is the Chief Executive Officer of Secure Ideas. Kevin has a long history in the IT field including system administration, network architecture and application development. He has been involved in building incident response and forensic teams, architecting security solutions for large enterprises and penetration testing everything from government agencies to Fortune 100 companies. In addition, Kevin is a faculty member at IANS and was an instructor and author for the SANS Institute.
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