The Flipper Zero has made some waves in the news. This webcast will attempt to cover a hacker's prospective on the Flipper Zero as a hacker's Multitool. We will be taking a high-level overview the Flipper Zero, some of the features and utility it has, and my prospective on it as a useful tool for RF, hardware hacking, and penetration testing.
Secure Ideas
CyberSecurity Company
Secure Ideas is a dedicated team of experts who are passionate about technology and information security. Our primary objectives are to help companies improve their security postures and train the next generation of security professionals.
Travis Phillips
Senior Security Consultant at Secure Ideas
Travis Phillips is a Senior Security Consultant with Secure Ideas. Before joining Secure Ideas, he worked in the medical field as a data analyst & web/software developer before moving on to information security doing SOC work. He later moved on to product security testing for embedded systems on several architectures and device types. Travis also enjoys CTF’s & wargames for hacking challenges as a pastime.

Travis has developed a strong skill set towards application security as a result of both working in the development field as well as the security field, reviewing security of applications in both roles. Travis enjoys teaching at local professional groups and conferences when he can and also building tools to make security testing faster and easier.
Jennifer Shannon
Senior Security Consultant at Secure Ideas
Jennifer is a Senior Security Consultant with Secure Ideas with a background in malware analysis, penetration testing, and teaching. She graduated with honors from Florida State College at Jacksonville’s networking program. An avid computer geek for most of her life, she began her journey in cybersecurity as a SOC Analyst where she showed an aptitude for both penetration testing and malware analysis. She was quickly promoted into a role that capitalized on her abilities. She has experience performing penetration tests against web applications, mobile software and platforms, and social engineering.
She is the co-leader for the TOOOL chapter in Jacksonville, FL. Jennifer continues to be passionate about teaching and is eager to share her knowledge with anyone who will listen.

In her free time, she likes gaming, playing around with SDR’s, and painting.
Jason Gillam
CIO of Secure Ideas
Jason Gillam is Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Secure Ideas and an IANS faculty member. He has over 20 years of industry experience in enterprise software development, system architecture, and application security. Jason has spent most of his career in technical leadership roles ranging from startups to fortune 100 companies and has learned the business acumen necessary to advise everyone from developers to senior executives on security and architecture.

Jason holds his CISSP and has conducted training and talks at numerous information security conferences including OWASP® AppSecUSA, Charlotte-Metro ISSA Summit, multiple BSides events (CLT, CHS, AVL, OKC), Hackfest (Canada), Carolinacon, and more. He is also the author of several Burp extensions including CO2 and Paramalyzer, and an active contributor to other open-source projects with a current focus on SamuraiWTF.
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