Designing, marketing and maintaining robust and customer-centric products is always a challenge, particularly in light of new applications and emerging technologies that require users to change and rethink their behaviour.

In this webinar, we will look at the role user-centered innovation processes like Design Thinking can play in product and service innovation. We will also explore how they can help to inform other areas, like marketing or operations. You will find out about useful tools and techniques to better understand your customers, measures you can take within your own team to become more user centric, and most importantly – how to still take away useful feedback when you can’t even get close to your customers.
Maike is an innovation strategist, designer and marketer with over 10 years of experience.
As co-founder of Scrypt, her work focuses on strategy development, user-centric innovation, communications, education and impact measurement.
She previously worked in strategy definition, project management and service design for a Global500 company with focus on SaaS business models and digital transformation, founded a globally sold and featured sustainable jewellery brand, and worked as a freelance graphic and web designer. Maike is passionate about sustainability, authentic leadership, and the potential of technology in enabling equality, inclusion and access for all.