How to use game elements to motivate your teams and users?

Gamification refers to the gameful motivation of behavior. Gamification utilises elements typical of games to induce game-like feelings in users, which in turn motivate behavior. Gamification is used in a plethora of contexts, including education (to improve learning at schools), healthcare (to improve hygiene levels at hospitals), and in business. Companies are now increasingly utilising gamification to motivate their employees and engage their customers. However, the implementation of gamification is not always successful.

In fact, gamification is sometimes ineffective as a motivating tool, leading to resentment by the users. Therefore, it is important to understand both the potential and limitations of gamification.

In this 30-40 minute webinar, we will:

- Explain what is Gamification
- Introduce the Game elements used
- Explain what are the "game-like" feelings
- Show some real Gamification use-cases
- Explore the limitations and risks of gamification
Marketing, Sales & Gamification
Nethal is a strategic marketing & sales specialist. After several years working for Cisco, he is now a PhD candidate studying how play motivates behavior in marketing & sales.
He also supports companies with interesting and innovative concepts that have a social impact goal.