The folks over at Gamblin are always super helpful - I'm excited to talk with Gamblin again. Bring all your questions about oil paints, colors, pigments and mediums and be ready for some FUN and PRIZES!
  • Curious about colors and pigments? Gamblin has been obsessing over pigments and colors for decades and they're happy to nerd out with us!
  • Not sure which medium to use? What's the difference between Safflower oil and Linseed OIl, what properties will help your painting most? We have the answers for you!
  • After you've put so much love and attention into your painting, how do you varnish it? What if you need to change something later? Gamblin will answer all your questions and put your mind at ease.
  • Test your painting knowledge and win prizes! Yep, we have a fun little quiz lined up and Gamblin has goodies for the winners!
  • And you'll want to hang out until the end of this event - we have a guest appearance and a special announcement!
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    Antrese Wood
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    Mary Weisenburger
    Gamblin Product Specialist
    Mary is the Gamblin Product Specialist and Quality Control Manager. She's also an oil painter who loves Quinacridone pigments. If you've called or emailed Gamblin for technical help in the past, you've probably corresponded with Mary! You can check out her artwork at