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    Future workforce is a hot-button issue in many industries. The lack of incoming talent, coupled with a wave of approaching retirements, and gaps between education preparedness and industry needs, have long been predicted as urgent workforce needs.

    Here and now, in the aftermath of the pandemic, work as we previously knew it has changed. Companies are turning to associations for training and guidance and will continue to do so. In fact, associations have the opportunity to become essential providers of professional education, workforce training programs, and advocates for workforce development.

    Hear from the associations prioritizing workforce development, job creation, and partnerships with youth and education to better prepare their industries for the future of work.

    HOST: Sarah Sladek, Membership Author and Strategist

    Workforce Development and Membership Matters

    With millions of job openings in manufacturing, FMA has prioritized workforce development, encouraging students to pursue manufacturing careers through camps and scholarship programs. In addition, FMA's campaign, Membership Matters, is a collective effort to advance manufacturing careers and engage a new generation of talent. Learn more about how the association is advancing its workforce development efforts, both as a member benefit and industry-wide call to action.

    Ed Youdell, President and CEO
    Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International

    Workforce Development as Mission

    ALLY Energy was founded with a simple but meaningful mission: to establish a diverse and inclusive energy workforce. Since its founding in 2015 under the name Pink Petro, the organization has scaled rapidly, engaging over 75,000 people and working collaboratively with the U.S. Department of Energy and World Economic Forum. Learn more about the association's path to success and how it's generating large-scale participation and influencing widespread change in the energy industry.

    Katie Mehnert, CEO
    ALLY Energy

    Workforce Development in an Era of Change

    Championing better work and working lives is the focus of the CIPD. The UK-based association studies workforce trends globally and measures workforce success via its Good Work Index. Recently, workforce development has emerged as an urgent global concern and workplaces are facing more change and transition than ever before. Learn how CIPD continues to engage its 150,000 members globally, and what the association's research reveals about the future of work and workforce development.

    David D'Souza, Membership Director
    Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
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