When you want your team to be a team, when you want individuals to improve, you need a good appraisal system. When you are looking to increase sales, be more professional or just reduce your stress, you need a great appraisal system.
I developed this system after years in the commercial world, and tailored it to meet the needs of my salons. This is now your system.
Easy to understand and easy to do.
The session comes with a copy of the training, an example appraisal form and TWO guides. (One for you and one for the staff).
Carl Hinder
This webinar will show you…
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    We will supply you with a guide for Employees
    Employees need to understand the process and this will help them.
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    Guide For Employers
    This document will help you (The Employer) analyse what your employees have filled in.
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    Self Appraisal Form
    This document is for your employee to fill in and hand back to you prior to the meeting.