Get the current (September 2020) Christmas Workshop run by Carl Hinder/Salon Help, complete with recorded Q&A (no live Q&A session with this).
We keep one eye on the Covid impact and everything we do sets you up for January 2021. We know anyone can be busy at Christmas, but what do you have planned before and after?
We cover Pricing, Marketing, Retailing, Trading up, and the all-important logistics. The logistics ensure your profit is high and the stress is low.
You will get links, handouts, and even a free PDF book with the Webinar.
You are unable to pause this recording but don't worry, we will send you a copy in your inbox for you to go through at your leisure. But don't take too long. Christmas is Coming!
Carl Hinder
This webinar will show you…
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    Sales & Marketing
    Everything you need to know about getting your Sales & marketing set up, with plenty of idea's and templates to help you have a successful 2020 and spring you into 2021
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    Christmas Retail
    We will guide you through what you should be doing, with plenty of idea's on what you should be selling for a Successful 2020, with inspiration on how to continue this into 2021.
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    Staff Logistics
    Here we will advise on how to ensure you and your staff get the best out of Christmas 2020, with structures aimed at helping you continue that success into January 2021.