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Join us for coffee with our brand new webinar series in partnership with renowned LinkedIn influencer, Tom Boston. ‘Coffee Talks’ is our exciting new feature diving into the crucial skills needed to be a successful seller. With each episode lasting just as long as your morning coffee - that’s right, an easy 30 minutes - we’re delving deep into the world of sales, uncovering innovative hacks, and exploring strategies to differentiate yourself in today's competitive marketplace. Get ready for thought-provoking discussions and actionable insights that will supercharge your sales game!

The topics covered in ‘Coffee Talks’ span a wide range of sales-related subjects, from prospecting and lead generation to effective communication and building lasting relationships. Tom Boston will uncover the most effective hacks and proven techniques that can propel your sales performance to new heights. Gain a competitive edge in a crowded market by learning from industry leaders and pioneers who have successfully navigated the challenges that sellers face.

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to join the ‘Coffee Talks’ webinar series with LinkedIn influencer Tom Boston. Be prepared to engage, learn, and leave each episode with actionable takeaways that will transform your approach to sales. Together, let's unlock the secrets to success in sales and stand out in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Over coffee, in this event, Tom will be talking all about having confidence in Sales.

Brand Awareness Manager at Salesloft
Sales is hard. Let’s make it easier.

I’m Tom Boston, Brand Awareness Manager at Salesloft. I’m a comedy sales content creator (yes, that’s a thing), social selling trainer, personal brand champion and podcast host. I’m on a mission to make sales fun.

I started building my personal brand on LinkedIn so I could tell EVEN MORE people about the power of sales engagement. Creating content that reflects the daily trials and tribulations of the modern seller, which has reached millions of people around the world.

Sales can be fun. And I’m here to show you how combining sales engagement with social selling will set your sales team on fire.
Community & Video Strategist at Vidyard
Chris is passionate about the power that video has to connect with your audience and build relationships. He uses creative video for social prospecting, to grow his personal brand and generate new business. At Vidyard, the leading video platform for enterprise business he helps sales professionals to humanise their sales process and connect more closely with their buyers.