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    Gavin Laugenie is the Head Of Strategy & Insight at dotdigital and joined us for a masterclass on 'Email Marketing'.

    Gavin is a veteran of over 15 years in the email marketing industry and heads up the companies thought leadership team. He’s is also a keen blogger, speaker, and sits on the DMA email council.

    Gavin has worked closely with organisations in B2B, B2C & NFP across Europe and the US, helping them to build their email programmes to drive increased customer experience, lifetime value, loyalty and ultimately return on investment.

    Email is the Key! Often the forgotten child of the marketing world; it’s measurable, connects and plays well with so many other channels, and above all else, it generates results! As a result, email marketing is a significant part of most marketing plans. Thus making it successful is essential!
  • Agenda
    • Define your audience - Build personas by interviewing your customers (specifically the user) and customer facing teams.
    • Set new goals - Research the average stacks in your industry and use this as a benchmark. Hittingthemark.com
    • Acquire new customers - the easiest way create a database of prospects is to get people to subscribe e.g. use pop-ups to gain relevant information.
    • Plan your campaigns - Ensure your informative email seem just as essential to your customers as transactional emails.
    • Measure your results and testing - track the metrics of every email sent and identify engagement levels and where you failed. (45% of companies don’t conduct UX tests).
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