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Opening The Temple Gates: A virtual sister gathering

About This Webinar

As you probably know, I returned to my work as Priestess, Intuitive Guide, and Spiritual Practice Mentor last month after being away for almost a year. My journey into my spiritual alignment has profoundly impacted my life. It is my rock, my foundation my everything and I am deeply honored to hold space for you in this ceremony.

I am super excited to invite you to a come sit in circle with us online. It is my great honor to host this ceremony of Opening the Temple Gates: A virtual sister gathering for connecting with your intuitive inner temple.

This is a unique and LIVE virtual experience intended to help you connect with your intuition (your inner temple) through a combination of spiritual alignment practices, self-authenticating sacred action, and ceremonial ritual exploration.

The Date is Sunday, July 31, 2016
7pm-8pm EST
FREE Live Online Event

Here’s what will be going on:

We will open with a welcome and a guided meditation by Iris Higgins, the inspiration behind This meditation is essential for helping you to root your mind, body, and soul into the presence of the gathering, so you will be open to accept the calling in of your intuitive gifts.

Then Aja Vancica, Priestess of the way at will share with you the most important steps, you will ever need, to connect with your intuitive inner voice to become confident in making the decisions for your life + biz, and creating a life you never need a vacation from.

We will then open the call for any questions or shares you may have. Please feel free to speak your heart and ask any questions you need clarity on.
Follow that, we will end with an energy healing segment by the Crystal Empress Onika Long of This clearing will allow you to begin to heal the blocks that keep you from realizing your desired outcome

Evoke the opening of your temple gates with your sisters through soulful exploration and divinely guided feminine wisdom to reclaim the source of power that is yours by your esoteric womanly birthright.

Cultivate the natural intuitive gifts that lay deep within to use as tools to guide you confidently in All of your decisions.

My love, you are a spiritually connected being. The rope for receiving your divine intuitive messages is already tied and knotted. You just have to call it forth.

This is a LIVE, virtual sacred circle experience, available wherever you are.

In Loving Sisterhood,
Aja Vancica
Spiritual Development Mentor & Priestess of the Way of the Sage Temple

  • Welcome + Guided Meditation
  • Topic: 2 Essential Pieces That Allow You To Connect With Your Intuitive Inner Voice
  • Q + A
  • Energy Healing + Call End
Who can view: Everyone
Webinar Price: Free
Webinar ID: 64f479560f35
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Webinar hosting presenter Aja Vancica
Priestess of the Way, Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Practice Mentor
Hey Love, I’m Aja, Priestess of the Way & Spiritual Practice Mentor @ Sage Temple
I help spiritual seekers and holistic entrepreneurs discover their intuitive inner voice so they can confidently create a life + biz they never need a vacation from!
My soul craves to help women create freeing and more authentic lives through spiritual alignment, intuitive connection, and honesty. Life can be filled with challenges that keep us on edge and lacking confidence. I’m no different, trust me! But once I learned to hear, trust and follow my intuition and unique spiritual practice, I was able to realize the life I wanted to have very quickly.
As Priestess of the Way, I work with my divine intuitive knowledge every day and in every way of my life to keep me on the path of living my vision of freedom. You were born with the same sacred capabilities that I was to shift your mind, body, and soul to receive your intuitive messages, allowing you to transform your life with greater ease. I look forward to holding space for you on your intuition building journey. “You got time? I’ll bring the tea-let’s hang out!”

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