• About
    Nusa Nickel Corp is a private company positioned to produce lateritic nickel in the Indonesian Tier 1 district of Central Sulawesi. Engaged in the development of near term producing assets, Nusa Nickel is on the cusp of unlocking shareholder value by tapping into the rich and abundant nickel deposits across a government permitted land package of 2641 hectares. On the pathway to be revenue generating by the second half of 2024, Nusa Nickel provides a unique investment opportunity to greatly scale operations with the lowest cost nickel production in the world. Having an executive team with current lateritic nickel production experience in Indonesia, a capital market savvy board of directors and a burgeoning district that is still in its nascency, Nusa Nickel is primed for tremendous growth built on a strong financial foundation.
  • Agenda
    • $0.05 Seed Round Investment Highlights
    • Near Term Production Overview
    • Why Lateritic Nickel has Made Indonesia the #1 Producer of Nickel in the World
    • What to Expect as an Investor from Nusa Nickel Corp Before Going Public