Would you like an email address on file for each of your clients?

How about a mobile phone number and an opt-in status?

Do you hate returned mail because of outdated mailing addresses?

Kelly Donahue-Piro, President & Co-Founder of Agency Performance Partners, will take us through the top 5 ways insurance agencies are getting accurate contact information on file for all of their clients.

As a bonus for attendees that use Rocket Referrals, our Co-founder and CEO will also share how you can implement many of these strategies immediately using your Rocket Referrals platform.

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    Kelly Donahue-Piro
    President Co-Founder, Agency Performance Partners
    Kelly is a no-nonsense effectiveness expert who has helped hundreds of insurance agencies identify and capitalize on sustainable improvement opportunities. Her specialties include agency culture assessment and change; management and supervisory coaching and benchmarking; customer retention strategy development; digital marketing strategy, planning and implementation; and sales planning, management and skill-building.
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    Torey Maerz
    Co-founder and CEO at Rocket Referrals