About This Webinar
Security is everyone's responsibility. Learn the latest trends and solutions to add to your layered security approach, no matter where your workforce is working. We will answer questions around monitoring, accessing data securely, and ways to lock down who can gain access to critical infrastructure.

Recommended Attendees: Business Owners, Security Experts, CISO, IT Directors, IT Managers
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    Arthur Corallo
    RMM Solutions, CTO
    Arthur Corallo is the Chief Technology Officer at RMM
    Solutions. He has over 17 years of technology experience
    working with customers and partners. He has a working
    knowledge and understanding of technology trends. This
    includes areas such as Cloud Infrastructure, Security
    Solutions and IoT Deployments.
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    Mike Pape
    RMM Solutions, Director of Sales
    Mike’s background as a quality engineer (CQE), CSSGB, and Reliability Engineer (CRE) gives him an understanding to what the Wisconsin Broadcast Engineers experience every day. Partner his engineering expertise with his extensive technology knowledge and he will be able to provide the audience a clear perspective to their technology challenges.