About This Webinar
We will cover a quick overview of the phases of the digital transformation journey. Then, we will focus on the first step of developing your strategy. Cloud experts will share five critical tips you need to consider to determine what your cloud journey should involve, what applications should move, and reasons to move to a hosted solution.

Recommended Attendee: Anyone managing 2+ servers and has considered The Cloud
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    Stacy England
    RMM Solutions, Vice President of Service and Operations
    Stacy England’s love for technology started with a need to deliver high availability critical infrastructure for financial systems, providing five 9’s of availability to these applications. He continued to hone his technology skills during his tenure at Kohl’s and Data Holdings. Each year he continued to gain additional roles, responsibility, and furthered efforts into technology, including innovating a disaster recovery/backup solution ensuring the stores, and distribution centers remain functioning without corporate technology support.