Please join us for our "virtual" South and Kent County Retreat. This time, it will take place in front of your computer screen in the comfort of your own home. We are pleased to bring Charity Bell for a live presentation followed by Q+A.

Charity Bell has spent the past 20 years fascinated by human beings and how they respond to their environments based on experience and perception. She is particularly interested in approaches to anxiety that use brain science and self-awareness.

In this incredible, challenging time, even those who have never experienced anxiety may be aware of racing thoughts, brain and body exhaustion, and reduced effectiveness. For those of us who have experienced anxiety or currently have it, this is an extended visit from a most unwelcome guest.

Known for saying, "Self Care is Bullsh*t", Charity will provide tools to understand what is happening in your brain and body, give you ways to not only understand but also respond to the cues you receive from inside yourself, and help you reframe your perceptions.

You will also be able to give these tools to those around you.

Charity is known for her insightful, funny, and real approaches to the everyday challenges in working with and being a human.
  • Introductions & Welcomes!
  • Caring for Our Brains in Unprecedented Times a presentation by Charity Bell
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    Heidi Driscoll
    Director of the South County Regional Prevention Coalition
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    Kathy Sullivan
    Director of the Kent County Regional Prevention Coalition
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    Cyndi Rego
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    Charity Bell
    Guest Speaker
    Charity is an inspiring, funny, and deeply real presenter who will leave you feeling seen, hopeful, and with new ideas for moving forward in this most incredible time....
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    Kathy Sullivan & Heidi Driscoll
    Regional Directors of Kent & South County