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Discover how to avoid the biggest mistake that can derail one’s retirement plans in a time of a crisis like we are experiencing today... hosted by the retirement specialists at Retirement Income Solutions.
Investment Advisor Representative
As Co-Founders of Retirement Income Solutions LLC, Lindsey Cotter and Nathan Cox have a combined experience of 32 years helping clients achieve their retirement goals. “Our mission is to help clients achieve their financial goals through great customer service, using varied and time-proven conservative alternatives while minimizing risks to their retirement assets”.
Investment Advisor Representative
David “Shane” Pearcy is an Investment Advisor Representative with Retirement Income Solutions. Shane has spent 27 years building relationships from a customer service background and is honored to have honed his customer service skills. Shane was born and raised in Murfreesboro, TN where he currently resides. He has a wife and 3 sons, Melissa, Jake, Tanner, and Tate. Shane enjoys time with his family and also enjoys being the leader of a youth group at his church.