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[GoSF] Go tools, gRPC, SSH with Go, Python+Go - command lines in Go

Thursday, August 25, 2016 · 7:00 p.m. · Pacific Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

We are collaborating with GoSF meetup group to stream their meetups live through our channel.

Actual meetup in SF: https://www.meetup.com/golangsf/events/232904165/

Stream: https://www.bigmarker.com/remote-meetup-go/GoSF-ToolsGo-gRPC-SSH-with-Go-Python-Go-command-lines-in-Go

Talk 1: Go Fix Yourself – Matthew Dempsky

Go is a simple programming language, which makes it great for writing Go development tools. This talk will survey existing tools and also provide guidance for building your own.


Matthew hacks on the Go compiler and recently joined Google's Go team. Previously, he worked on Google's security teams, with a passion for compilers and static analysis.

Tweet: @mdempsky

Talk 2: (Lightning) Extending gRPC – Christopher Burnet

gRPC is the voice of the service infrastructure at Lyft, allowing for efficient and type-safe communication between Go, Python, and PHP services. This talk will detail how we use Go to extend gRPC servers and clients in all three languages to add custom logging and metrics automatically.


Christopher Burnett is a Core Services engineer at Lyft and excels at computology. Previously he worked on scaling media infrastructure at Twitter and VSCO. He is a core committer and author of the Finatra HTTP framework and the Decider feature flag system.

Tweet: @twoism

Talk 3: (Lightning) SSH With Go – Chris Roche

The golang.org/x/crypto/ssh package exposes a powerful, cross-platform interface for creating SSH servers and clients. This talk will focus on leveraging the client utilities of the package to connect with remote hosts, proxy through a bastion, multiplex commands, and create tunnels.


Chris Roche is a software engineer at Lyft on the Core Services team and an expert in computology. Over the past few years he built out the Go service infrastructure and developer tools for scaling VSCO.

Talk 4: The sweet spot between C and Python: command line utilities in Go – Mik Kocikowski

Over the last two years, Go has become my preferred language (the go-to tool ;-) for writing command line utilities, programs which I used to write in Python. Using as my example a fan-out fan-in utility for parallelizing ETL jobs, I'll share what I learned moving from Python to Go. I will talk about program structure, concurrency, testing, the standard library, strings, bells and whistles, gofmt - and reasons, if any, to stick with Python.


Mik Kocikowski is a professional programmer based in San Francisco, getting paid to do brain push-ups since 1998. His consulting business, Peak Unicorn Consulting, helps customers automate and simplify data processing systems.

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