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Do you love what Real estate has to offer…but can’t seem to find creative ways to structure your deal? You are NOT alone, this is a common problem for most Real estate investors.

Do you love Real estate,... but struggling with finding deals, analyzing them, finding the best In and Exit strategies? If you have just answered YES to one or both questions, you will NOT want to miss out on these upcoming mastermind series.

Real Estate Investing Community by Street Smart REI is pleased to announce we will answer all your real estate investing questions with Community ’s successful investors & mentors.

Any questions you may have about real estate investing we have an answer. This is what Real Estate Investing Community is about.

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Jarek Bucholc
Helping To Build Your RE Investing Business
You are not the first thinking to diversify your investments and to have some real estate investing eggs in your basket.
Jarek jumped off the boat in 1990 and since then is calling Canada his Home.
If you want to work, ask any questions straight forward shooter. Book an appointment first.

Jarek's goal is to build the biggest real estate club in Canada.
Jarek envisioned a community of investors that was run by investors for investors, regardless of their level of expertise or success.
A place where people could ask questions and get the hands-on support needed to get started and succeed in real estate. Members could share their success and failure stories as well as provide up to date information as to what was happening in the industry.

He opened the doors of Canada Real Estate Investors Club in November of 2007. The club was designed from day one to be about investors helping investors. Its mission was to provide a fun and interesting way to help real estate investors grow in their professional and personal development.