Is your organisation grappling with the AI conundrum? What is it? How would it be applied in the work environment? Are there ethical considerations? Are we ready to plunge into the brave new world of Artificial Intelligence? How can we collectively learn from those that are already in the AI game?

In this webinar, Mr Aditya Berlia – a career innovator, educator, entrepreneur and AI advocate is going to help demystify AI and look at ways that AI can be practically applied improve productivity. Aditya has addressed CEO’s and senior executives from all over the globe, across a multitude of industries, with the intent of achieving a greater level of knowledge of AI so that leaders can make informed decisions in relation to AI adoption into the future.

This is an extended format webinar that will run for approximately 90 minutes.

This is a must-see event – register ASAP to secure your virtual seat and be prepared to immerse yourself in the world of AI.
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    Aditya Berlia
    Pro-Chancellor at Appejay Stya University
    Our guest presenter is a career entrepreneur, an educationalist and a passionate AI user and advocate. Mr Aditya Berlia is Pro-Chancellor at Appejay Stya University situated in India, as well as holding senior executive roles in multiple companies. He is a graduate of Stanford University and holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School. As well as being a prolific writer and author, Mr Berlia was awarded the ‘Leading Educationalist of the Year’ in 2022 at Asia-African Leadership Forum. This is in addition to being bestowed with the ‘Young Global Entrepreneur of the Year’ in South Asia in 2021 as well as numerous other accolades.