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This is the second webinar in a series organised by the Mint Directors’ Conference. The last year has seen payments in general, and coins in particular, disrupted by the pandemic. As yet the future ‘steady state’ is unclear but sufficient time has passed to consider some of the big questions raised by what has happened. Although the focus is on coins, the webinar will consider payments in the round.

The webinar is in three parts. Firstly panellists will be asked about their experiences in the last 12 months, how did changing consumer, retail and banking behaviour impact payments, and coins in particular, and what decisions and actions had to be taken. Secondly, there will be a discussion about where they think payments will land. What decisions need to be taken now, what are the long term affects that they believe will stick going forwards and what options need to be considered and prepared for? Some of these are policy decisions, some operational. Given all stakeholders are likely to be affected, how do they work together, who faces the biggest change? Finally, panellists will take questions from the audience.

The panel is well placed for this with Kathleen Young, Senior Vice President of FedCash Business Operations for the Federal Reserve System’s Cash Product Office, Jim Douthitt, Head of Treasury at Coinstar who has worked on the Coin Taskforce with Kathleen, David Hensley who is on the Access to Cash committee in the UK, runs a payment consultancy and used to be responsible for coins as part of the UK’s Cash Services, and Ross MacDiarmid, recently retired from running the Royal Australian Mint and who is Chair of the MDC.
Fri, Apr 23, 2021 · 4:00 PM London (GMT 1:00)
Kathleen Young
Senior vice president of FedCash Business Operations for the Federal Reserve System’s Cash Product Office (CPO), led out of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Kathleen is the senior vice president of FedCash Business Operations for the Federal Reserve System’s Cash Product Office (CPO), led out of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Kathleen’s team provides strategic direction to the Federal Reserve System's Cash Services business by guiding policies and procedures, establishing budget guidance, providing support for Fed currency and coin inventory management, engaging customers and other key industry participants, and supporting business continuity planning for FedCash® Services. In addition, Kathleen is responsible for CPO’s policy and market analysis, finance, and communications.
David Hensley
David Hensley is the former Chief Executive of Cash Services UK, the industry collaborative group for wholesale banking, he had oversight of UK coin & note trading and managed the currency modernisation program for coin & notes. Today he is Chief Operating Officer of Onebanks the agnostic banking platform that is bringing face to face banking back to communities. With significant experience of working in financial services covering a range of a senior management and board positions he is an independent member of the UK Access to Cash panel and alongside this he is a founding partner in the financial services research consultancy group Enryo.
Jim Douthitt
Head of Treasury, Coinstar
Jim has spent 35 years in financial services, notably serving as CFO for a $100 billion investment operation of GE Capital, SVP in the treasury department of one of the US’s largest banks, and as a finance leader at Amazon where he stood up its money services business in support of its third party marketplace in the US. As the treasurer for Coinstar, Jim supports the company’s securitized financing structure, liquidity and risk management, and its coin and cash operations globally.
Ross MacDiarmid
Ross MacDiarmid was, from 2010-2020, Chief Executive of the Royal Australian Mint (RAM), during which time he transformed the organisation into a high performing commercial enterprise that grew its commercial revenue by 4 times and achieved consolidated business RONA of 30%. The RAM also won multiple domestic and international awards for engineering, safety, export, product, tourism and marketing and doubled visitors.
Ross was also Secretary General of the MDC from 2016-2020 and, following his retirement from RAM, has taken on the position of the newly-created role of Acting Executive Director for the MDC.
John Winchcombe
Reconnaissance Intl.