The expansion of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association’s (IHMA) Hologram Image Register (HIR) into Security Image Register (SIR) last year is probably one of IHMA’s most significant projects in recent years. Established to safeguard the hologram copyright and underpin the use of holograms in security print the registry has been expanded to include all Optically Variable Devices (OVD) and is now available to all suppliers and users of OVDs.

The initiative reflects the changing dynamics of the global hologram and the security printing industries. Holograms are increasingly being integrated with other OVDs to provide advanced anti-counterfeiting solutions, but they are only one of a number of different imaging technologies that offer various optically variable effects for document and product authentication.

The expanded register has introduced image registration to the full spectrum of optical security manufacturers. The key change is the inclusion of 13 optical technologies that now fall with a general OVD (Optically Variable Device) category in the Primary Visual Feature selection. Managed and operated by the Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau (CIB), the database protects the security image by recording and identifying all copyright associated with each design.

The webinar will delve into the various aspects of the SIR expansion, image registration and copyright and will be open to all participants. It will include presentations from the IHMA and the CIB as well as SURYS and OpSec and will conclude with an interactive Q&A session giving participants the opportunity to discuss in detail what interests them most.
  • 13:00 Welcome and Introduction | Micaal Sidorov, IHMA
  • 13:05 Evolution of the Security Image Register – the Next Generation | Paul Dunn, IHMA
  • 13.25 Image Registration and Management | Josh Lamorena, CIB
  • 13.45 End User Experience and Perspectives | Laurence Launay, SURYS IN Groupe
  • 13.55 End User Experience and Perspectives | Robert Renton, OpSec
  • 14.05 Discussion & Q&A
  • 14:30 End
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    Josh Lamorena
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    Laurence Launay
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    Robert Renton