Today detection technology is used by all participants in the cash cycle to authenticate banknotes with a series of overt and covert security features. Level 1 features—those used by the public, are still not used as they should be. Level 2 security feature detectors, while providing an important layer of defense, are commercially available making the features susceptible to attack by savvy counterfeiters. It is the Level 3 security features that are the ultimate security with detection coming from Central Bank processing systems. Level 3 features are necessary for the most successful counterfeit detection program.

Tim Driscoll, CTO from Authentix, our host of this webinar, an IACA member and a company providing advanced authentication and track and trace solutions to safeguard the integrity of global commerce for governments, central banks and brand owners, has invited 2 other panelists, as seen below, to share with you key factors to consider when selecting, implementing and supporting a Level 3 feature. Matters such as: What are the desirable properties for a level 3 security feature, How does a Central Bank select the best feature, and How to successfully integrate a Level 3 feature and making it inseparable from the note, will be discussed. Each panelist will be sharing their thoughts and ideas followed by sufficient time to answer questions for the audience.

Join us and be ready to learn, hear insightful perspectives AND have your long-time questions answered regarding Level 3 security.

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    Gregorio Sanchez
    Deputy Manager of Industrial Engineering – Banco de Mexico
    Gregorio is an industrial engineer, with a masters degree in Quality, has an extensive experience in the banknote fabrication and distribution process. Has been in Banco de México for 23 years, and currently holds the position of Deputy Manager of Industrial Engineering, in charge of the design of new banknotes, quality control of raw materials and the research and development.
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    Alan Newman
    Currency Product Director – De La Rue
    Alan is the Currency Product Director at De La Rue and has been with De La Rue in various leadership roles for the past 18 years. Prior to that he was with the Bank of England for over 18 years, in currency production.
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    Tim Driscoll – HOST
    Chief Technology Officer – Authentix
    Tim joined Authentix in 2005 and started his career in currency with Spectra Systems in 1995. Over this time, he has been involved in the design, development and implementation of authentication and fitness solutions for banknotes and coins. Tim holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Brown University and a B.S. in Physics from Rensselaer
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    Richard Wall - MODERATOR
    Chair of IACA; former Head of Currency at the Bank of Canada;
    Richard Wall retired from the Bank of Canada in 2018 after 28 years of service. During his career, he has held various positions within the Corporate Services and Currency departments at the Bank including Managing Director of the Currency Department responsible for all aspects of the Bank of Canada’s Currency function.