What does it take to transition to polymer?

In 2016 an article by David Tidmarsh was published in Currency News titled ‘The Tipping Point’. The article posed the question: are we at ‘The Tipping Point’ for polymer?

CCL Secure and David Tidmarsh are now revisiting that question and talking to Central Banks who have already made the decision to change to CCL Secure’s GUARDIAN polymer.

In this session we will consider if global trends are pointing to an age when polymer finally becomes the dominant substrate for cash? What are the driving factors behind a decision to transition a currency? Which is most important: cost, environmental pressures, durability or a combination of different factors?

This is the first in a series of 3 free seminars and in this first one we’ll hear about both the hard data behind the Banks’ decisions and the lessons of their experience.
Wed, Jun 23, 2021 · 3:00 PM London (GMT 1:00)
Iain Brooks
Bank of Canada

Iain Brooks joined the Bank of Canada in June 2020 as the Director of Product Development in the Currency Department. He leads the team responsible for technical research & development of bank notes and product performance analyses. He previously led a technical R&D team at the Royal Canadian Mint, and has a background in materials-based technology and product development.
Ted Garanzotis
Bank of Canada

Ted Garanzotis is the Senior Director of Research in the Currency Department at the Bank of Canada. He oversees technical research & development of bank notes, economic research on retail payments, and policy development. Ted has been with the Bank for 17 years, having previously led the technical R&D to issue polymer notes in Canada. Prior to the Bank, he was in the telecom and semiconductor industries.
David Tidmarsh
Reconnaissance International