25 Minute Webinar

Join us for an informative webinar as we delve into the key topics related to our Reactor-Ready jacketed lab reactor from previous webinars. Hosted by Jenna Spencer-Briggs, this session will feature insights from our team of experts - Steve, Ravi, Ben, Rich, Sam, and Nilesh.

This webinar will focus on the Reactor-Ready jacketed lab reactor, its benefits, and practical applications. Key topics include: the advantages of jacketed lab reactors, considerations when scaling up including temperature and agitation method, and different vessel types. We will also show how easy it is to swap between vessels, enabling quick scalability. You’ll also get familiar with the necessary checks and replacements to maintain your Reactor-Ready system, ensuring minimal downtime and preventing leaks.

Finally, we’ll try and address common concerns and questions with using jacketed lab reactors, with expert advice to alleviate any worries.

Key Learning Objectives:
1. Which design features in a jacketed lab reactors are important to get good results and a reliable, robust reaction system.
2. Best practice for maintaining your Jacketed Lab Reactor
3. Parameters to consider when scaling up reactions

Who Should Attend?
1. Synthetic chemists
2. Scale up chemists
3. Contract labs (incl: CRO, CDMO, etc) & Pharma
Dr Jenna Spencer-Briggs
Scientific Content Writer
Jenna has a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Sheffield. She joined Radleys after working at Cardiff University where taught lectures and labs. In her role as Scientific Content Writer she uses her chemical knowledge to help explain the impact of our products.
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