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Restaurants Emerging from Covid - The New Not-So-Normal

Thu, Jul 8, 2021 · 1:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

As we come out of Covid, dine-in restrictions are being lifted, but restaurants are now facing new challenges. Staff are juggling dine-in guests and continued off-premise orders, and striving to deliver an exceptional experience for both. More concerning, and less predicted, restaurants are also dealing with major labor shortages and disrupted supply chain issues.

Our industry experts will dive deep into the Post-Covid era and will discuss how to successfully capitalize on the additional revenue streams without sacrificing the staff or customer experience.

  • How to address the labor issues and maximize labor efficiency post-Covid
  • How to juggle off-premise and dine-in customers
  • How to grow your mobile/online ordering
  • How to invest in the right technology for your restaurant
  • How to successfully shift from FIFO (First In, First Out) to FAFO (First Arrived, First Out)
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Project Manager, Operations Services at Qdoba Restaurant Corporation
Vik Rao is a Senior Project Manager with the Operations Services team at Qdoba Restaurant Corporation, a fast casual chain based in San Diego, CA and serving up delicious Mexican-inspired food through its 740+ locations in the US & Canada. With a passion for process optimization, technology, and innovation, he has thoroughly enjoyed his unconventional role as an Industrial Engineer in the food service sector for more than a decade, leading initiatives to help elevate restaurant operations efficiency and guest experience. During his time in the industry, he has been instrumental in implementing several novel technologies in the QSR space like computer simulation applications, digital platforms for on-premise and off-premise customer interactions, and back of house automation to maximize labor throughput. Prior to joining Qdoba Mexican Eats, Vik oversaw Ops Simplification and digitization strategies for brands like Pizza Hut & KFC in the US and Canada. When he’s not with his Qdoba partners realizing their mission of bringing flavor to people’s lives, he loves being around his young family, traveling, cooking up a new concoction in the kitchen, or watching his favorite movies!
Webinar hosting presenter
CEO & Co-Founder at Tarka Indian Kitchen
As CEO for Tarka Indian Kitchen, he is responsible for business development and expansion, along with being a resource to the team for all aspects of operation. In the early days, he was co-executive chef of Tarka along with Navdeep Singh. After helping Navdeep create the procedures and manuals to systemetize the operation, he took the position of Project Manager and CEO responsible for growing the concept in Austin and other markets in hopes of one day being THE national fast-casual brand for Indian Food in the United States and beyond. He is responsible for site selection, lease negotiation, construction and initial set up of all locations, and actively looking for locations and markets for our next set of units.
Webinar hosting presenter
Director, Strategic Operations Implementations at IHOP
Matt Davis is the Director of Strategic Operations and Implementation at IHOP. He is a dynamic and tactical operations leader with a 20+ year record of excellence and achievement in restaurant, retail, environmental services and e-commerce-focused organizations. Matt was previously the Senior Manager of Strategic Operations at Dine Brands Global.
Webinar hosting presenter
Chief Business Officer at Flybuy | Radius Networks
Jeff Baskin is the Chief Business Officer for Radius Networks, responsible for the strategic direction, growth, and expansion of Flybuy, a location platform for BOPIS/Curbside pickup, contactless payments, drive-thru, and delivery. As a seasoned professional with 20+ years of omni-channel retail experience, Jeff has a proven track record in the origination and management of strategic partnerships with multi-million dollar revenue outcomes. Prior to leading the FlyBuy team, Jeff was responsible for business development, sales, customer success, product development, and implementation across all at EVERFI as well as Simplexity which was later acquired by Walmart.
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