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The solar industry's rapid expansion means growing companies, and managing a growing portfolio of solar assets poses common challenges. Ensuring optimal performance across multiple sites, each with its own complexities, can mean growing O&M teams leading to significant costs which eventually can prevent scalability.

Data intelligence and automation provide solutions that go far beyond traditional monitoring, and involving AI, using real machine learning and analytics, can drastically improve performance and make the most of technicians and staff in smarter ways while controlling operational costs. Predictive analytics enable a proactive approach, driving a higher ROI across the entire solar portfolio. In turn, further business growth opportunities are presented for owners, developers, and investors.

In this pv magazine Webinar, with our initiative partner SmartHelio, we’ll explore the reality of AI and automation, and its outcomes on the solar industry from more than 5GW of C&I and utility solar under management.

Govinda Upadhyay, CEO and founder at SmartHelio will explain the impacts the company’s predictive analytics approach for clients and demonstrate real-world impacts.

Jasper Graf von Hardenberg, CEO and founder of DayStar Power (a Shell Renewables & Energy Solutions business) will further detail results from using SmartHelio from a client perspective, and how it has helped driving further PV performance, operations efficiency and innovative business use cases.

This webinar focuses on the rapidly scaling solar market, and how key challenges can be turned into opportunities for CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, and key asset managers.

pv magazine Webinar content:

- Boosting growth and operational efficiency in solar assets using predictive analytics and automation tools
- Business growth outcomes from improved performance and optimization
- Faster faults detection, better prioritization, efficient and effective expansion planning
- Client case study demonstrating quantifiable results and impacts
- Q&A

Questions can be submitted beforehand in the comments window when registering or in the chat during the live webinar. Tristan Rayner, editor at pv magazine, will be the moderator of this webinar.
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