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pv magazine Webinar | LeTID and the future of module degradation testing – control for defects to deliver lower LCOE

About This Webinar

Initiative partner: Q CELLS

Light and elevated temperature induced degradation (LeTID) is a pain for investors and EPCs, as they can hardly control this solar module degradation process. Even manufacturers themselves may have difficulties to effectively test for it, as it evolves very slowly when using standard test designs.

In this webinar, Q CELLS will openly demonstrate how it ensures that the modules that it produces are LeTID free. The company pioneered research and investigation into this effect several years ago, comparing lab test results with field investigations. These results were published in leading academic journals.

Friederike Kersten, Senior Expert Process Technologist, R&D, will explain Q CELLS’ degradation testing, and particularly its LeTID procedures. Friederike will argue why the company sets the benchmark in the industry; delivering the kinds of results that are ideal for customers seeking long-term performance of their modules. In addition, she will broaden the scope to also demonstrate the company’s new results of boron-oxygen (BO) destabilization during damp heat testing. Such testing procedures are a result of years of dedicated R&D.

Joining Friederike will be Ian Clover, Q CELLS’ Corporate Communications Manager, to provide a brief overview of how limiting the impact of LeTID can mean a lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for your solar installations.

Esther Fokuhl, who works at the TestLab for PV Modules at Fraunhofer ISE, will provide further insight into their most up-to-date research on LeTID testing and in their estimation of the accuracy to which it is possible to predict LeTID for a manufacturer.

Webinar Content:
• A comparison of LeTID in lab tests and field tests shows the relevance of this degradation mode
• Testing procedure to identify and tackle LeTID
potential errors when testing for module degradation, which EPCs should make sure that the module manufacturer knows about
• Why certain industry certifications are not sufficient
• More stringent tests conducted by Q CELLS and Fraunhofer ISE
• Stringent BO destabilization testing using damp heat provides more security to investors
• Insights in latest research results on LeTID at Fraunhofer

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This webinar was recorded on 18 October 2019.

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