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With an excess of PV modules on the market currently, some suppliers are bringing advanced new technologies to ensure that their products stand out from the crowd. While many other large-scale PV manufacturers focus on producing n-type TOPCon products, Longi Solar has moved in a different direction, working with back contact – a cell technology long known for its high-performance potential, which has so far seen only limited commercial development.

In this webinar Longi’s Chief Technology Officer for Europe, Francisco Estela, will introduce the company’s latest module offering, the Hi-MO 9, and the second iteration of its hybrid passivated back contact technology (HPBC 2.0). First unveiled by Longi in May, the module achieves efficiency up to 24.43%, and power output up to 660 W, complying with the standard market size of 2.382 x 1.134 mm.

Channey Ni, Head of Product Solutions for Utility Europe will provide an in-depth look at the challenges and pain points faced in various utility-scale project scenarios, and how the Hi-MO 9 module, along with the company’s service solutions and proprietary software to provide added value for the full-lifecycle of PV power plant and overcome these challenges.

The module is the first to feature cells based on Longi’s TaiRay wafer technology, which it says allows it to produce longer ingots with fewer impurities and higher mechanical strength than earlier technologies. Longi promises that the module will translate to higher energy yield from a given land area, optimized BOS costs, and long-term reliable performance for buyers.

Longi has begun producing Hi-MO 9 modules at its base in Jiaxing, China. Here it has also introduced the latest automated technologies, leading to it being recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Lighthouse factory. The company has also taken significant steps to reduce its environmental impacts in manufacturing in line with requirements for an increasing number of end markets.

pv magazine Webinar content:
• Introducing the Hi-MO 9 module
• TaiRay wafer and HPBC cells
• Zero carbon manufacturing
• Application scenarios –Challenges and solutions for ground mount, high altitude, agricultural and Floating power plants
• Q&A

We encourage you to take part in the discussion and ask questions, which can be submitted beforehand or through a chat window during the webinar. Mark Hutchins, magazine director, and Blathnaid O'Dea, editor at pv magazine will be the moderators of this webinar.
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