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What have you always wanted to know about residential EV-charging solutions? In this pv magazine Webinar we will ask you directly and make your answers the star of the webinar.

What are the most common questions end customers ask installers and what is the best technical background to provide to a customer? What are the differences between AC charging and DC charging? Can software offerings enhance the user experience and expand the set of useful functions? Or would you rather learn about system integration and compatibility of the Sungrow wallbox with other devices?

In this pv magazine Webinar, our webinar partner Sungrow will briefly introduce nine topic areas from the "Sungrow Wallbox Guide" that cover everything you need to know about AC wallboxes and their own product. Viewers then vote on which of the topics they are most interested in. Tobias Zimmermann, product manager EV-charging & residential ESS at Sungrow, then takes a closer look at the five topics with the highest approval ratings. The document with detailed information on all topics is available for download after the webinar. The full wallbox guide from Sungrow will be available after the webinar.

In addition, Julius Lenk, team lead product management at Memodo, will give important insights on the market situation, and the reason why they think Sungrow’s 3-phase Solution, existing of Hybrid, Battery and AC Charger, is one of the leading products in the market. Furthermore, he will bring exciting stories from the first installations of the full solution.

pv magazine Webinar content:

• Top five topics on AC charging
• Presentation of "Sungrow AC Charger Guide”
• Market insights from a wholesaler's perspective, Memodo
• Q&A

Registration for this pv magazine Webinar is free of charge.
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