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In this pv magazine webinar, we’ll welcome the authors of the latest European Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP) PV white paper focused on the European PV manufacturing. Created by the European Commission, ETIP PV exists to promote the market uptake of key energy technologies by pooling funding, skills, and research facilities. The paper’s authors will discuss the necessary ingredients for an industrial policy that effectively supports European PV expansion. They’ll also explore the specific role that research and innovation can play in improving the competitiveness of PV manufacturing.

This webinar will include an assessment of the current state of European PV manufacturing, as debates rumble on over how the European Union should pursue domestic PV manufacturing capacity objectives. We’ll host a panel discussion between experts, delving into how research and innovation could be an asset to the European PV industry – depending on how policy frameworks and strategies are implemented at the national and European level.

Proceedings will get underway with a presentation from working group leaders Bianca Lim, Strategic Strategic Planning, Photovoltaics at ISFH, and Peter Fath, CEO at RCT Solutions, who will present the ETIP study. There will then be a panel discussion on the role of research and innovation in support of European PV industry reshoring.

Panelists will include:
Bianca Lim (ISFH)
Peter Fath (RCT Solutions)
Ralf Preu (Fraunhofer ISE)
Gianluca Coletti (FuturaSun)

Webinar content:
• Keypoints of the ETIP PV white paper on the European PV value chain.
• Panel discussion: Importance and impact of R&I investments towards manufacturing of next generation PV in Europe; necessity and opportunities of a rapid scale up of the European industry base.
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