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The unprecedented squeeze on power supplies is seeing Europe facing a daunting energy crisis, with prices expected to continue to rise way beyond winter. Europeans can expect to pay on average 54% more on energy bills than they did two years ago, data shows. Whilst governments across the continent start to roll out policies to partly shield consumers, at the household level, installing and supplementing solar with storage can provide a way to insulate homes from skyrocketing energy bills. Distributors, installers, and housing companies can thus expect increasing demand for residential and small commercial solutions.

Join this pv magazine Spotlight for the launch of GoodWe’s Lynx Home F Series High Voltage Battery. With the addition of this battery to its range of storage inverters, GoodWe is offering its customers a one-stop-shop energy storage solution capable of meeting demanding project requirements, from self-consumption optimization to backup usage.

Eugen Budjugin, Technical Sales Manager & Product Manager for Storage Solutions at GoodWe, will bring his expertise on lithium-ion batteries in introducing the high voltage battery. He’ll elaborate on how the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cell technology ensures maximum safety and a longer life cycle. The battery has a capacity range from 6.6 – 16.4 kWh, composed out of 2-5 battery modules, respectively. Both these stackable self-detecting modules and the pre-wired communication wires for plug and play promise easy installation and maintenance. Join this pv magazine Spotlight for a focused discussion on the Lynx’s compatibility with GoodWe’s hybrid and battery inverters for single- and triple-phase.

pv magazine Spotlight content:
- Launch of the Lynx Home F Series High Voltage Battery
- In-depth description of the product features
- Compatibility with GoodWe BH/EH/BT/ET inverters
- Installation process – smooth and easy plug and play
- Q&A

We encourage you to ask questions, which can be submitted beforehand or during the Spotlight through a chat window. Rachel Sorenson, Manager Projects and Business at pv magazine, will be the host of this Spotlight. pv magazine is hosting this Spotlight on behalf of our partner, GoodWe, which is responsible for the content.

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