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Residential customers across the US are increasingly reliant on the grid to work from home, charge electric vehicles, and replace traditional gas appliances with electric alternatives. Alongside commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, they are exposed to outages caused by ever more frequent and devastating extreme weather events. Most distribution and transmission lines in the US electric system are old and built overhead, making them more vulnerable to extreme weather. Costly repairs and upgrades to the grid for utilities in turn raise power bills for homeowners and businesses.

The market demand for energy storage systems is clear. Batteries keep the lights on during outages, they can discharge energy at strategic times, allowing for peak-shaving and load shifting, and contribute to grid resilience through ancillary services. In this pv magazine Spotlight, JinkoSolar US will launch its two EAGLE storage solutions for residential and C&I, called EAGLE RS and EAGLE CS respectively. The company has recently become the first in the world to ship more than 100 GW of solar modules, a figure that calls for a natural pairing with the storage products.

For the residential segment, the EAGLE RS; a fully integrated DC-coupled solution for new solar and storage residential installations. The LFP-chemistry battery has a 26.2 kWh total energy capacity and 7.6 kW power output, enough to power a US home during an outage. JinkoSolar is offering the product in a single configuration to make it easier for distributors and installers to design, install, and keep inventory.

For the C&I and utility segment, the EAGLE CS is a turnkey AC-coupled energy storage system which comes complete with LFP battery, PCS, BMS, fire suppression, and cooling that can discharge energy for 1 to 4 hours. It is highly configurable and scalable to match the specific needs of large C&I and utility scale projects. In a sector where safety is of utmost concern, the system has LFP battery chemistry and certified to UL9650A with off-gas detection to protect against thermal runaway.

Both solutions are equipped with intelligent US-based energy management systems for ease of use and data security. Joining this pv magazine Spotlight are Adam Detrick, US director of product management and technical services at JinkoSolar, and Todd Nguyen, sales director for energy storage at JinkoSolar, to introduce the products and answer your questions.

pv magazine Spotlight content:
• Launch of the EAGLE RS and CS for residential and C&I
• In-depth description of the products features
• US-specific codes, standard, and certifications
• Field Support Services
• Q&A

We encourage you to ask questions, which can be submitted beforehand or during the Spotlight through a chat window. Beatriz Santos, manager webinar program and strategy at pv magazine, will be the host of this Spotlight.

pv magazine is hosting this Spotlight on behalf of our partner, JinkoSolar, which is responsible for the content.

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