About this Webinar
Join Dynamics SPC where we will discuss our turnkey solution we call COMPACS. COMPACS monitors the health of your equipment in real-time. We've spent close to three decades developing the system and technology. You will learn that what differentiates our solution from all others on the market is it employs a patented artificial intelligence allowing you to diagnose equipment defects several minutes, hours, even days prior to equipment failures.

We will provide examples of how COMPACS represents a paradigm shift from sudden equipment failures to an environment of early detection and identification of issues. What does this mean for your facility?
1. You can virtually eliminate all accidents and fires, and
2. Knowing the real-time health of all the equipment in your facility empowers you to schedule maintenance and repairs in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Your ROI is significant and immediate.

This one-hour online event will allow time for you to ask questions within the session.
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    Andrey Kostyukov
    Andrey Kostyukov graduated from Omsk State University in 1996.

    In 2007, he got a PhD in Economics after presenting a dissertation on the subject of the Organizational and Economic Mechanism of Equipment Operation under Real-time Health Monitoring (in oil-refining).

    Since July 2015, Andrey V. Kostyukov has been holding a position of a Director General (CEO) and member of the Board of directors of DYNAMICS SPC.

    In 2016, according to a new developed world wide strategy, he established a subsidiary of DYNAMICS Scientific Production Center USA, Inc., a Texas corporation with headquarters in Houston, where he holds the position of President.