Join us for this special bonus session presented by Innersense Organic Beauty!

Alejandra Martinez will walk you through her Holistic Place of Beauty to show you how she embodies the principles, concepts and philosophies of wellness behind the chair.

From working in a clean-air salon, to having a consultation with a client that focuses on scalp health, hair health and the client's wellbeing. You will learn how to create a healing spa-like experience for yourself and your client while at the shampoo bowl and learn massaging techniques and pressure points that helps client let go of stress.

Artistic Director, Innersense Organic Beauty
Innersense Organic Beauty's Artistic Director, Alejandra Martinez has been in the beauty industry for 21 years. As an owner of a holistic, clean air salon for the last 12 years, she understands the importance of embodying what you believe in. She wants more hairdressers to feel confident and capable of working with every hair type as a way of honoring her clients' natural hair. When we celebrate diversity, we can truly be inclusive of others. Find her on Instagram at @alejandra_abloom