It’s no secret we live in a fast passed society that demands more and more of us with every passing year. That coupled with a clientele that has become more demanding with what they expect from service providers across all industries and a society that remains on edge due to COVID and we have a a recipe for disaster. All of these factors add to heightened levels of burnout and work fatigue that are setting in and creating a wakeup call for everyone.
In this seminar you will learn the following:
• The nature of burnout and the hits we take when we are experiencing it
• How burnout sneaks up on us even when we are mindful of it
• What can be done to prevent burnout and work through it if you are currently suffering from it
• The importance of self-care and maintaining a sense of humor

John Ball and Lisa Goyette are the principal owners and co-founders of CH Training and Coaching. They specialize in working with leaders, professionals and businesses to help create healthy, productive and engaging work environments by helping to humanize and maximize the potential of each person who is a part of any organization. They pride themselves on developing a customized approach that is unique to the culture of each client that they work with.

As certified Emotional and Social Intelligence Coaches, Lisa and John understand that the human capital of any organization is what matters most. Utilizing a “Relationship First” focus, the work Lisa and John provide results in: Fostering Healthy Work Environments, Employee Engagement, Increasing Productivity, Improved Communication Skills, Workplace Empathy and Cultural Awareness, and Confidence Building to name a few.

They are highly skilled trainers, business coaches, public speakers and key note speakers. They have successfully trained thousands of people.