Learn more regarding esthetics and nail changes resulting from the passage of Senate Bill 803. Our presenters are subject matter experts for these two areas and can provide specific examples of how the changes will impact training and services in California. Moderated by Myra Reddy from the Professional Beauty Association.
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    Founder, California Aesthetic Alliance
    Shortly after launching a second career as an esthetician, Wendy Jacobs Cochran began her advocacy to better understand, and educate other licensed beauty pros about California’s unique and often complicated regulations. Wendy’s effective presence at state board meetings and her collaborative relationships with regulators and legislators inform the more than 6,000 licensee members of her California Estheticians • Esthetician Advocacy Facebook group and her organization, the California Aesthetics Alliance.
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    Licensed since 1992, Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. works as manicurist and owner of Precision Nails, an exclusive employee-based salon in Carmel, California. Beyond the salon, she advocates for the beauty industry, co-hosts Outgrowth: A Slice of Pro Beauty, consults with salon owners, mentors educators, organizes events, writes savvy articles and advises California's Board of Barbering and Cosmetology as an expert witness.