Growing your team with the people who are the best fit for your team is among the top challenges of salon owners in North America. For many, the recruiting process is exhausting and can feel like a vicious cycle.
The good news is, it can be easy, fun and extremely rewarding. Entrepreneur, speaker, author, and podcaster, Kati Whitledge, will share how to find the right people for your salon without wasting a ton of time and resources. She will reveal the framework behind successful recruiting that is easy to grasp and execute. Kati’s common-sense strategies will equip you to become the most sought-after salon in your area!

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    Founder, Mya
    During the early stages of running her own salon, Kati Whitledge, the founder of mya, discovered a pain point many industry professionals face—failing to know if their marketing efforts are truly working. Beauty industry professionals spend thousands on marketing tactics every year. Still, with a new client retention rate of just 30% throughout the industry, it’s hard to know if we’re actually keeping most new clients.
    For Kati, the solution was creating a resource that empowers business owners to better themselves, their team, and their clients. That solution originally become Meet Your Stylist, a fun, easy, and accurate match-making technology designed for salons, hairstylists, and their clientele. Since then, Meet Your Stylist has evolved into mya, the proprietary match-making software serving hairstylists, barbers, and the beauty industry.
    mya has now helped thousands of clients find their perfect beauty industry match and have helped beauty industry professionals grow their businesses through better first-time experiences. By pairing people based on their skill set, budget, personality, lifestyle, and love languages—mya creates lasting relationships that keep both sides coming back for more.